Enterprise Marketing: Leveraging Marketing Automation Software

Enterprise Marketing is Incomplete Without Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation software is the workhorse behind successful inbound enterprise marketing campaigns. Without the software, effective inbound marketing is simply too labor-intensive to do successfully. Using the software is a multi-step process that is largely based on integration with your company’s overall marketing and sales system.

Managing Content

Enterprise Marketing Automation SoftwareAt its core, inbound marketing is driven by content. Great content is what gets prospects interested in your company and its offerings. As such, to truly leverage marketing automation, you need to tie it to all of your content. This means linking it to the content management systems on your website and making it aware of your blog posts, videos and other content.

Marketing automation software also integrates with your next level of content management tools. It can integrate into your social media and search engine optimization strategies as well as tying into your analytics tools.

Turning Content into Leads

Lead generation tools also work best when integrated with marketing automation software. The most fundamental feature is to tie the software into your company’s email marketing software. Enterprise marketing results are improved when the software and its analytics data inform both your landing page and call to action content and when you use the analytic capabilities to conduct A/B testing to find the most effective content. These functions also work best when tied into your content management system.

Maintaining Lead Quality

Marketing automation software has a similar role to plan in maintaining the quality of your incoming leads as you prepare them for conversation. Nurturing leads can be the most complicated and labor intensive part of your enterprise marketing campaign, but software can help with everything from managing the right email messages to tracking campaign performance. Some packages even have built-in logic systems that not only automate the basics of your workflow but even can autonomously determine their own action steps based on basic rules that you set up.

Preparing for Conversion

Before converting leads to sales, marketing automation software helps your team understand what needs to be done and which leads should be prioritized. They do this by helping with ranking leads on various metrics and by creating call and email lists that are grouped based on behavior and on basic contact information. The best tools have an API that let you both integrate them into all of your business intelligence systems as well as into any custom tools that you have built.

To help you choose the right marketing automation software to integrate into your overall sales and marketing system, we recently completed a survey of the major tools. Click here to download it.

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