Finding an SEO Company

It?s About Finding
The Right SEO Company For You

– Finding the right SEO Company is a lot like dating. While there are ?a plenty of fish in the sea, selecting the right one for you can be challenging.?If you?re looking for an SEO Company, you probably want to use other Inbound Marketing Solutions to turn your business? website into a Conversion Machine. That?s great. But, how do you find an Inbound Marketing Expert who can do it all: ?SEO and Inbound? Which Inbound Marketing Firm is right for your business?

A Good SEO Company Should Attract You!

SEO CompanyThe basic premise of using SEO is for facilitating being found on the internet, so obviously the first step in the process is to search there. ?It would make sense that you would want to be talking with a company that has been successful in their SEO practices for themselves.

However, just like there’s no exact science for using search engine optimization (SEO) to attract Visitors, develop Leads and create Customers ? picking the right SEO Company is a very personal process in addition to simply searching on the internet. These tips will help you wade through the choices and partner with an SEO Company that?ll position you to achieve your Inbound Marketing goals.

Finding the Right SEO Company Tip 1:
Consult Your Network?

You?ve already developed personal and professional relationships. Don?t take them for granted. Ask those you already know for recommendations. Who have they worked with? Who would they recommend? Who would they not recommend?

What networks should you use? Any to which you have access. These might include:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter & Facebook
  • Friends & Family
  • Business Colleagues

Finding the Right SEO Company Tip 2:
Traits that Matter to You

When you hire an SEO Company, you are hiring a partner. What traits do you consider important in a business partner? These might include:

  • Experience ? Do they have a proven history of SEO success?
  • Certifications – Are they officially affiliated with a content management firm such as Hubspot, Pardot or Marketo?
  • Size ? How big is the SEO Company or Agency?
  • Price ? What?s it going to cost you?
  • Background ? To what markets have they been exposed? Do they know your target audience? Have they worked with it before?
  • Timing & Availability ? How many clients do they have? How much time can they devote to you? How available are they to field questions and develop strategies?
  • Values ? What are their personal values? What does their company?s mission statement say? Are they someone you can trust?

Finding the Right SEO Company Tip 3:
Vet Potential SEO Companies

Vetting a company can be one of the most difficult tasks. It is also one of the most important to ensuring your success. These three tips will help you evaluate your potential SEO Company partner:

SEO CompanyDraft a List of Goals & Ask About Them ? What SEO Rank do you want to accomplish? What kind of visibility do you want for your company? Who is your target audience? Develop a specific list of SEO goals and ask each potential SEO Company their intent of marketing with SEO.

Get Real References ? Asking a company for a list of references is like asking someone if they have three or four people who will say nothing but good things about them. Instead, ask what companies they have done business with. Write down the list and then go back to your network. Who do you know from any of those companies? Independent of getting a reference, ask them what their experience was like.

Review Online Participation ? What you see is not always what you get. Some companies put on a really good show, when in reality they are far different. Reviewing a company?s online participation such as on blogs, social media and comments, can show you the face beneath their public mask. ?Do they practice what they preach? ?Is their own website using SEO Best Practices??Or are they just playing magic tricks behind the internet curtain to make you think they know more than they do.

As you consider which SEO Company is the right partner for you business, you?ll also want to consider what makes a strong SEO presence. Download this Killer Content e-book to discover more.

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