How Hubspot Makes Landing Page Design Easier

HubSpot’s Effective Landing Page Design Scores a Hole-in-one

– What do Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and HubSpot’s landing page design have in common? Surprisingly, they all offer superior driving ability. While the PGA Tour golfers drive golf balls hundreds of yards, HubSpot’s intuitive landing page design drives prospects to conversion. Although HubSpot has yet to develop a golf swing, its highly-effective landing page design consistently scores a hole-in-one.

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is an all-in-one inbound marketing software is designed to simplify online marketing. ?As a Certified Hubspot Partner, we utilize this incredible tool to maximize results for our clients. That includes superior, conversion-oriented landing page design.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing invites prospects to a site with user-focused content. Similar to the honey and bee effect, great Content attracts clients currently interested your subject matter and potential customers. Inbound Marketing encompasses the practice of attracting Visitors then converting them into prospects and customers.

  • An effective landing page design is an integral part of this strategy. The authoritative content draws potential prospects, but an effective landing page design will funnel the visitor toward completing the Call-to-Action
  • The most effective B2B Lead Generation method is through common marketing channels.
  • Email marketing is mastered by providing compelling content that is catered to transition purchasers from one buying stage to the next.

Landing Page DesignHubSpot Landing Page Design

The effective HubSpot landing page design progresses prospects methodically to the hole-in-one Conversion.

  • First-Time Visitors begin by seeing a customized offer designed to establish the relationship.
    • Provide basic non-intrusive demographic information.
    • Visitors are documented in a contact database with visitor’s backlog.
  • Qualified Leads receive a needs-focused customized offer.
    • Leads are presented information based on their position and their interests.
    • No matter which page the leads land on, they will never be asked the same question twice, once that information has been gathered. (Smart!)
  • Converted Customer can access their Content without having to ree-nter their information.
    • Customer needs are effectively addressed, while each customer relationship is maximized through value-added services, suggestive selling, and upgrading.
    • With real-time reporting, you know when a customer converts a page, which allows you to convey unilateral information to other members of your team.

HubSpot Offers Responsive Landing Page Design?

  • Adaptability allows you to choose from HubSpot’s library of pre-designed landing page templates or design your own with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop template.?
  • Skip coding and dealing with developers.
    • Create one landing page that is accessible and optimized for all platforms.
  • Change resistant landing pages are designed to handle any type of future changes in screen size or device. Regardless of the the future changes, your landing pages will be optimized.
  • Maximize conversions with HubSpot’s fully optimized mobile-friendly landing pages. Instead of missing potential clients, you will have every possible opportunity to convert a lead.

Landing Page DesignHow Does Your Landing Page Score

Well designed landing pages can be a be a great source of Leads.?According to MarketSherpa,?94% of B2C and B2B?companies boast excellent success using landing pages. With the proper content management, you can experience this type of surety in Inbound Marketing.?If you are wondering if your page is a keeper, use the free ?Website Grader?or?Inbound Assessment?to measure the effectiveness of your landing page design as part of your greater online efforts.

Designing landing pages on your own can be slightly confusing and overwhelming. Determining how to create the right Call-to-Action and laying out the correct design in the best manner is all made simple by using Hubspot’s design tool. ?By using Hubspot to create an effective landing page design, you can increase your Conversion Rate and bolster your Lead Generation efforts tremendously.

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