How PPC Benefits SEO Strategy-PPC Advertising Agency Secrets

PPC Advertising Agency Develops Successful
Hybrid Method Using PPC to Launch Websites

– Can you keep a secret?? PPC Advertising (Pay-Per-Click) should be considered as an SEO Strategy element by every PPC Advertising Agency. Want to know why?

Many think of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as purely organic, dealing with natural rankings of search terms that can put them on page one of the major search engines.

??In many instances, PPC is given a negative connotation by SEO purists.

We think that is a head in the sand (or somewhere else!) attitude.? PPC can plan an important role in the Inbound Marketing Strategies developed by an Inbound savvy PPC Advertising Agency. ?We have done just that by using our years of advertising experience to formulate a precise methodology for implementing PPC in our Website Launch Strategies.


PPC Advertising Agency

Organic Ranking
Can Take A While

PPC Advertising Agency:?Ramp It Up

In an increasingly competitive internet environment, organic ranking for keywords and phrases can take a while? a long while? even with a fully armed barrage of Inbound Marketing Strategies and B2B Lead Generation tactics put in full play by a PPC Advertising Agency.?PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising becomes a great way to ramp up to organic ranking by providing not only actual conversions of prospective customers, but also by providing valuable information regarding keyword effectiveness for a PPC Advertising Agency to apply to SEO efforts.

PPC Advertising Agency:?Landing Page Development

PPC is a powerful tool for developing effective landing page strategies for CTA activity from any source.? By learning which landing pages worked well with which Paid Search ads, (aka PPC) a PPC Advertising Agency can incorporate that information into landing page development for a more effective overall result.? Landing Page Design plays a key role in how effective PPC can be.? Be sure your PPC Advertising Agency is following Landing Page Design Best Practices.

PPC Advertising Agency:?SEO Marketing Strategy

Proper SEO Marketing Strategy includes a step by step analytical process beginning with identifying target audience personas.? These are the profiles of persons who you are trying to attract.? It only makes sense that not everyone is going to use the same keywords to look for a solution.

The same types of people will probably use the same or similar words.

You can attempt to write your personas yourself (we don’t recommend it) or have a PPC Advertising Agency do it for you. ?Either way, once your persona character sketches are written, use content management software such as Hubspot to test keywords and keyword phrases (what are known as long-tail keywords).? This will tell you how often these words are being used and what your chances are of ranking for them.

PPC Advertising Agency:?The Ultimate Test

However, the ultimate test is putting those keywords in play using PPC.? Now your PPC Advertising Agency can test not only the words themselves, but the wording of the ads around the keywords, the design of the landing pages you send respondents to, and perhaps most importantly, the effectiveness of the CTAs (Calls-To-Action). ?The CTA is what you want the visitor to do.? By using PPC to A/B test the effectiveness of various CTA options, your results will be all that much better once your organic SEO begins to get traction.


PPC Advertising Agency

You Can Burn Through
Some Major Bucks
In A Hurry

PPC Advertising Agency:?Budget Conscientiousness

Some unknowing critics will spout negatives regarding ROI using PPC and frankly, if you don?t know what you?re doing, you can burn through some major bucks in a hurry with Paid Search.? However, that is true with any kind of advertising.

If you?re not sure what you?re doing, hire a PPC Advertising Agency that does.?

There are controls that can be put in place and by planning a smart strategy in advance triggered by measurable milestones; very good results can be obtained without breaking the budget.

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