How to Achieve Great Social Media ROI

Social Media ROI: Key Points to Consider

-Realizing a positive social media ROI means actively analyzing and critiquing anything in your business that can affect your social media costs. There are a few key points to keep in mind if you want to keep your social media ROI high, namely:

  • The amount of interaction your company sees on social media pages.
  • The number of people who interact with your Company’s pages who turn into customers.
  • How much money you spend per interaction and per new customer.

Interaction levels determine your social media ROI

social media roi | connectHaving social media pages that foster both interaction and discussion is very important to getting the best return on your investment. The more that people interact with your business’ social media pages, the more that they will think about you when the need for the service or product you offer comes up.

In addition, those who interact with people interacting with you will also be able to catch a glimpse into what you offer. This is almost like a viral video or story online, one person uploads a video, that person’s group of friends sees it and shares it with their other friends, they share it, over and over until it reaches a critical mass through exponential growth.

The more people who interact with your pages, the more chances someone who has no experience with your Company will learn what you do and who you are.

Turning “friends” into customers

Interaction is great for a Company’s social media ROI since it builds a pool of possible customers. However, there needs to be a logical next step in turning those who interact into paying customers.

In order to do this, you need to make sure that when content is posted on your social media pages, it is tailored to increase the number of customers you receive, which then drives up your social media ROI. Usually, this will involve a mixture of social media and Content Marketing which gets users more involved with your business, as opposed to a random post or tweet that you put up just to keep your pages looking active.

Once you start bringing in customers that are directly tied to what you do online, your social media ROI will go up, and it will more than pay for itself.

Assessing cost per customer and how it pertains to social media ROI

social media roi | roiGetting your social media efforts to pay for itself is the ultimate goal of having them in the first place. While you might start out in the hole, as with most new projects, there should be a point where you break even, then start to see a positive return.

What you need to figure is how much it costs you in the first place for each customer that comes in, and how much you make off of each of those customers. If you do it right, the cost per customer should be quite a bit lower than the profit each customer brings to your Company, giving you a positive social media ROI.

Through a combination of engaging content, dialogue between those who interact with your Company and your representatives, and keeping costs under control, you should see a social media ROI that encourages you to build upon your current social media plans, or even start brand new ones.

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