Conversion Architecture Marketing Matters Inbound

How to Build a Conversion Machine Using Conversion Architecture

Who wants more Customers?? Raise your hand!?

That’s What Conversion Architecture Can Do For You.

There aren?t too many businesses or organizations operating today without a website.? However, just having a website isn?t enough anymore. ?You need Conversion Architecture.

Conversion Architecture Marketing Matters Inbound

Who Wants More Customers?

If you want to increase the number of customers you do business with, and who doesn?t, it?s time to get out your tool

box, clear off the work bench and build a Conversion Machine using Conversion Architecture.

The difference between an old style website and an Internet Marketing Conversion Machine is like the difference between walking and driving a race car.? You can still get there on foot, but it?s going to take a lot longer.

The Conversion Machine is the race car.
The Website is the engine.
The fuel is the Content.
Knowing how to mix the correct fuel ratio for your Content is what makes the Conversion Machine engine hum.
Conversion Architecture

The Conversion Machine is the Race Car

A Conversion Machine focuses on three things:

  • Get Found
  • Convert
  • Analyze

This is the basic premise of Inbound Marketing.

Getting found starts with utilizing the proper Content SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.

Converting is using contextual relevant content and intelligent Calls-To-Action to move the people who find you to take a step toward your ultimate objective of them becoming a customer.

Analyzing is measuring every aspect of the process so you know what is working and just as importantly, what is not.? That is what governs the direction you take to ?tune-up? your Conversion Machine.? Inbound Marketing takes persistence, diligence and constant measurement.

Insert TAB A into SLOT B

Before you throw away the box, dig out the instruction manual.? You need to know how to build this puppy.? Conversion Architecture in internet marketing is the manner in which the overall Conversion Machine is organized.? Since the website is the engine and content is the fuel, the ways you present and use the content react with each other to cause combustion and ultimately Conversion.? If your website doesn?t turn visitors into leads, leads into prospects and prospect into customers, it isn?t converting.? If you aren?t sure which TAB goes into which SLOT, you may need to consider hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency to help you:

TAB A – Goal Setting, Planning and Strategy
As a certified HubSpot Partner, we won?t even start without a Content Strategy Plan.

TAB B – Develop Content
Everything relies on the information you convey and how you present that information to the people interacting with your Internet Marketing System.? A Content Management System (CMS), such as HubSpot, is essential to developing a Keyword Strategy and the SEO Enrichment of all of your content.

TAB C- Communication
Blogging, Smart Email Marketing, and Social Media are examples of communication tools that interact within your Internet Marketing System to create qualified traffic.? Your expertise is one of your most important assets.? These tools allow you to consistently reach more and more people by leveraging that expertise, earning trust and ultimately creating conversions.

TAB D – Conversion Tactics
Calls to Action (CTAs), Landing Pages, and downloadable informational assets are the tools used to convert visitors to your website into followers, creating engagement and ultimately more business.? By learning the best place and manner to implement these tactics, you can increase your conversion rates exponentially.

TAB E – Workflows
A strong CMS manages workflows so that you can implement lead nurturing, lead segmentation, and lead scoring.? Smart Lists are used to track activity and nurture prospects, reacting to actions taken by specific visitors with automatically generated information and suggestions targeted specifically to them.

TAB F – Competitor Assessment
Know how you stand on the internet compared to your competition.? Be aware of the keywords for which your competitors are ranking higher than you are.? Assess their strengths but more importantly, their weaknesses.

TAB G – Analytics and Measurement

Measure everything.? Find out what is working and what is not.? Know if you are hitting your goals and objectives.? Use real data to re-engineer your efforts.

TAB H – ReMarketing

Your best source of business is from a growing base of delighted customers.? This can come in the form of repeat business or a constant flow of referrals.

To see how your current website stacks up, use our FREE Website Grader?.

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