How to Improve Your Website and Increase Traffic

How to Improve Your Website to Be Inbound Marketing Friendly

-Learning how to improve your website to increase traffic and convert more Leads into Customers is imperative to building a solid business. Focusing on two key elements can increase website traffic and transform casual visitors into lifelong advocates for your business.

To gain the most business, you must focus on:

  • Social Media
  • Content

These two faucets of your business will create a wave of new customers and help foster a strong Business and Inbound Marketing Strategy.

Wondering how to Improve Your Website Traffic? Social Media!?

How to Improve Your Website | Social MediaSocial media creates a call-to-action that turns Visitors into Prospects then Leads, and finally into Customers. Engaging with interested consumers on social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, increases awareness of your Company brand and encourages fans of your Brand to share your mission with their friends and family.

A Company without a social media presence is like a treasure map without an X. Your Company will be forced to rely on customers stumbling onto your message rather than systematically discovering your Brand.

For those who need a primer in social media and inbound marketing, read this ebook?to learn how best to maintain and enhance your Company’s social media presence.

Content Marketing is Key

Customers are so inundated with ads these days that a majority are ignored completely. Like fast-forwarding through a commercial or flipping through magazine ads, Best Practices no longer state that conventional marketing is the best course of action for producing leads.

How to Improve Your Website | Content

Instead, try a content marketing strategy to improve your website traffic.

Content marketing involves creating informative and useful content for the customer that also happens to send a marketing message. Content marketing depends on providing Prospects with Solutions to their needs and desires with a helpful piece of content? that addresses the 4 “P’s” of Content Marketing. Content marketing is a key way to determine how to improve your website.

How does this help your business?

Content marketing turns Visitors into Customers and increases traffic by attracting more Prospects with valuable consumer information. Content marketing flies under the radar of visitors who are otherwise sensitive to targeted advertisements.

They are more perceptive to the message because it’s viewed as a non-threat, allowing your message to be heard. If you’re wondering how to improve your website, expanding your efforts through content marketing is the answer.

How to Improve Your Website: The Recap

This two-pronged approach to website structure helps attract Visitors and engage them. While website design is still important, it is vital to create a solid inbound?marketing strategy, content strategy and broadcast your content to the right people. Once that is accomplished, the process becomes easier and the pathways to purchase become clearer.

If you have a website and would like additional information on how to improve your website to be Inbound Marketing friendly, download our free ebook:

Marketing Matters Inbound?is an inbound marketing firm specializing in online conversions, content?strategy, PPC campaigns and traditional media placement. Our experience in?B2B digital?marketing?and?traditional media?allows us to deliver results through a strategic media mix. We believe in?aligning and merging marketing and sales/operations for optimal return on your marketing investment.

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