How to Improve Your Website and SERP Position

Improving Your Website and SERP Position Go Hand-in-Hand

How to Improve Your Website | Architecture– As you have probably already noticed, some websites are better at Conversions than others. While some people may think it is magic, it’s actually a matter of science. When you are considering how to improve your website, your Inbound Marketing plan must encompass the science of Conversion Architecture.

How to Improve Your Website With Conversion Architecture

Conversion Architecture begins with the unique attributes of your individual customer. In a sense, it is all about marketing to your customer on a one-to-one basis. When you think about how to improve your website, you must remember that focusing on everyone means that your site may not appeal to anyone. The following Conversion Architecture considerations will guide you and your customer toward success.

  1. Discovering your customer includes understanding their personalities, buying behaviors, and their objectives. You must understand who your customers are and how they think.
  2. Revealing your customers includes implementing appealing design, layout, and lucrative content throughout your website.
  3. Presenting the information that your customer needs to trust your product and believe that it will solve their problem.

Once you attract visitors to your site, your Conversion Architecture should seamlessly guide the visitor to Conversion. When you think about how to improve your website with Conversion Architecture, you include the following items.

  • Concise and highly persuasive copy
  • Well-placed call-to-action
  • Tools for Conversion

Ultimately, the goal is to turn your plain web page into a website Conversion Machine. Conversion Machines are websites that have covered all aspects of the Conversion Architecture science. Website Conversion Machines encompass all of the actions you need to learn how to improve your website.

  • Conducting the right tests
  • Tracking the right items
  • Asking the most intuitive questions
  • Testing and adjusting based on the results that were measured

How to Improve Your Website and SERP Position

How to Improve Your Website | SERP

Another key consideration you should make when considering how to improve your website is the importance of your content. Your content is by far the most important facet of your Conversion Architecture and your Inbound Marketing strategy. Google has always focused on providing the user with the best experience possible, which is achieved by providing highly relevant content.

The content on your page should be succinct with the user’s keyword search. Doing so will greatly increase the traffic to your site. In addition, more users will create more higher quality links to your site.

In effect, users will create anchor text links, which carry a significant level of relevance impact within Google’s algorithm. Simply put, including great content is the first step in improving your website and increasing your SERP position.

How to Improve Your Website With Inbound Marketing Assessment

While all website graders are not created equally, the Inbound Marketing Assessment offers insight that surpasses the average Website Grader. In less than five minutes, the marketing assessment will highlight your website’s digital strengths and weaknesses. More importantly, it will provide insight on how to improve your website.

The information on how to improve your website will include the best practices for getting more customers and information about what you are doing wrong and how to fix those problems.

Previously, having an attractive website with few keywords would direct traffic to your site by the groves. Today, the equation has become slightly more complicated requiring more than aesthetics in the design of your web page. The best pages are not just marketing tools, they become?Website Conversion Machines. Conversion Machines are ideal at funneling your visitors through the process toward Conversion based on valuable analytics.

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