How to Integrate Content Strategy and Social Media

What Type of Content Should Be Created?

– First things first, your content strategy should always start with defined objectives. How to achieve these objectives will then determine which type of content is used and, more importantly, where you will distribute the content.

In an ever-changing social media environment, only the companies that allocate resources to both content creation and content distribution will flourish in the social media wilderness.

A New Strategy on Old Content

content strategyIt?s frightening to think that you have to create brand new content every day without ever repeating yourself. For many, writer?s block is an overwhelming experience that is sometimes difficult to shake, especially while you are in the midst of creating fresh content. Then again, who said every content strategy starts from a clean slate?

You don’t necessarily have to create brand-spanking new content everyday. Curating content and recycling old content with new ideas and opinions can very easily generate buzz. A content strategy doesn?t need to reinvent the wheel, it needs to budge the wheel to set it in motion.

To ensure that your content will be shared and distributed depends both on the resources available and how you utilize different viral forces. There are many ways previously created content can be recycled back into the social media universe.

This might include:

Blog Posts ? Old blog posts can easily be converted into new ones. Don?t, I repeat don?t, copy and paste the old blog and consider that your ?new? content. Use the old blog as the infrastructure to work on top of what you already have. Maybe take a bulleted list and turn each bullet point into a series by expanding on one at a time.

Images ? A strong graphic with a quote from past blogs or a favorite tweet from your twitter account is the perfect content strategy for Facebook and Pinterest. Images are what Pinterest is all about, and more notably, images are shared more than anything else on Facebook. Remember to always use your Twitter account name on all tweet-based images.

eBooks ? Most likely the last thing on your mind when thinking of content strategy is an eBook. It seems like it would be a chore to sit down and write an entire eBook from scratch, but it could also take just a click of the mouse to see how close you might be to completing one. Past blog posts with related content or a series can easily be expanded and elaborated to create an enticing eBook.

For more information on content strategy, you can watch our video on the 4 Es of content marketing.

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