How to Make Your Law Firm Marketing Efforts More Measurable

Discover what does and doesn’t work for Law Firm Marketing

law firm marketing– Marketing is centered around one thing: achieving the best possible return on your investment. Quite frankly, spending money on people whose legal needs don’t match the services provided by your Firm is a waste of your valuable advertising dollars, so let’s take a look at ways to make your marketing successful… in a way you can actually measure.

Defining “Success” in Marketing

What is success? In short, it’s your ability to establish and maintain a good reputation, achieve a reasonable return on your investment, and set things up in a way that will allow you to grow your Firm over time. If you aren’t doing better over time as a result of your marketing, then you aren’t succeeding.

Law Firm Marketing is a very specialized niche, where you’re competing with many other Agencies offering services similar to yours. There’s only so much diversity that a Firm can accept having, so you need to understand that every part of your Law Firm Marketing will have constraints that you can’t break.

With that in mind, let’s look at the ways you can measure and improve each component of your success.

Measuring Your Reputation

Most people do not have a strong opinion of any legal firm until they’ve utilized its services. Nobody cares whether or not you exist until they actually need your help, so you can’t count on a previously-established reputation to help you bring customers in. However, you can use analysis software like Google Analytics to get a better understanding of the people who are looking for your services – and start adjusting things to give the best possible first impression.

You should also spend some of your Law Firm Marketing funds on monitoring reviews about your Agency (and your competitors). When done right, you’ll be able to see a measurable improvement in the number of first impressions that are good instead of bad.

Measuring your Return on Investment

law firm marketingThis is by far the easiest component to make more measurable, because all you really need to do is start understanding the success rate of your Law Firm Marketing. Start by thinking about your Content Strategy – how much are you paying for the advertising and content that you receive, and what sort of return are you actually seeing?

Remember, there is no “right” amount for every Firm to spend on advertising. Instead, you should be using software that can analyze your Law Firm Marketing (or receiving reports from someone that does the analysis for you) and comparing how much you spend to how much you make. Setting things up so that you can get reports on demand is critical for all measurements – in fact, it’s the core of the whole thing!

Finally, keep in mind that you should be measuring the return on everything from your Search Engine Optimization to paid advertisements and impressions.

Measuring Your Growth

Inbound Marketing is a particularly helpful tool for all Law Firm Marketing styles, but it is important to pay attention to your growth over time. To make your growth more measurable, you should focus on Law Firm Marketing that lets you understand how many clients you’re actually getting, then compare the income from those clients (and only those clients) to your total income.

With the help of your Content Marketing Firm, establish a plan that focuses on improving your Law Firm Marketing over time and continuing to provide the best return on your investment – but don’t forget about expanding your facilities, hiring new staff, and everything else that’s involved with taking on more clients over time.

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