HubSpot Pricing Analysis: Is it Worth the Price?

If you?re considering purchasing inbound marketing software, you?ve undoubtedly learned that HubSpot is rated #1 among marketers. HubSpot has lots of competition, though, and many alternative solutions can be very useful. There are lots of reasons to like one platform more than another, not the least of which is cost. HubSpot isn?t cheap, so conducting a little HubSpot pricing analysis can help you decide if it?s a good investment for you.

Let?s put it in perspective. HubSpot pricing begins at $200/month (you have to pay annually). That?s for up to 100 contacts; as your database grows, you?ll pay another $100/month for each 1000 new contacts. At the other end of the pricing spectrum, HubSpot?s Enterprise level plan costs $2400/month, plus incremental increases for a growing number of contacts.

What HubSpot Offers

hubspot pricing analysisHubSpot gives you a comprehensive suite of tools to put inbound marketing best practices into play. You get extensive online resources to help you learn more about inbound marketing as well as the software platform itself. Everything you need to create and publish content, analyze and track visitors, leads and conversions is integrated in a single package. You can see what?s working and what needs to be improved.

But for many small and mid-size businesses, $200/month can be a significant sum. Can you justify it?

HubSpot Pros and Cons

HubSpot is designed primarily for not-so-tech-savvy business owners. That?s a huge benefit if you?re no geek.

Marketers with greater experience and technical skills can feel severely limited by HubSpot?s lack of control and customization options.


HubSpot?s all-in-one convenience saves time compared to using and coordinating multiple tools to accomplish the same tasks.

The right collection of separate tools may require more time, but you may also glean more analytical data at much lower cost.


HubSpot offers excellent customer service and training as well as their online resources.

Not all customer support is free.


There is a steep learning curve to become proficient using HubSpot effectively.

You?ll face that same fact regardless of what inbound marketing platform you choose.


HubSpot may be an affordable alternative, if you don?t have the budget to hire an SEO consultant.

It?s a trade-off ? will the time you spend learning and using HubSpot?s program outweigh your cost savings?


HubSpot Pricing Analysis: The Bottom Line

hubspot pricing analysisGiven these pros and cons, what does our pricing analysis show? It depends. Time and money are both important, especially for small businesses. However, effective marketing is critical for business growth regardless of your company?s current size. So the answer is unique to your long-term goals and spending priorities. No single tool will make your marketing successful. You still need a well-considered plan and the will to put it to work to grow your business.

HubSpot pricing analysis reveals clear benefits, if you can afford the expenditure. If choosing HubSpot is too much of a financial stretch for your company, that puts your business at risk in other ways. On the other hand, every business owner knows the old clich? is true: ?it takes money to make money.? So where will you put your money?

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