Hubspot’s New Content Optimization System (COS)- Inbound 2013

What Hubspot?s Content Optimization System Means to Inbound Marketing

Relevant. Timely. Contextual. That?s what makes great Content that connects with people.

Dynamic. That?s what Hubspot?s new COS is. COS stands for Content Optimization System

Why is this so revolutionary? Because websites may now be built on a model that matches our 3D Content Strategy at Marketing Matters Inbound. And then some.

Our 4 ?P?s? of Content Strategy include:

Purchase-The ultimate conversion outcome.

Product- The unique funnel for each of your offerings.

Persona- Individual consumers with shared traits.

Place in Purchase Funnel- Where your personal currently is in the purchase funnel for a particular product.

Currently, a core hub well-constructed website pages, designed with conversion paths and side portal entries in mind, is consiered revolutionary. In fact, it still is. It’s what we’ve dubbed a Conversion Machine. ?But even this concept is being stretched with the announcement of COS by Brian Halligan at Inbound 2013 on Tuesday.

Now the ?Place? a Persona is in the funnel can be matched up with Content served up individually for the Visitor/Lead/Customer/Loyal Customer based on classifying your website traffic along those same lines. Brilliant!

I?ve got to give credit, once again, to Hubspot for not resting on their laurels. They?re pushing the envelope in leading the marketing industry to address individual consumers on the terms dictated by those consumers.

Relevant. Timely. Contextual. Give the customer what they want. Now you can with Hubspot?s COS. We’re going to.


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