Inbound 2013 Speakers- Best Session Picks

Inbound 2013 Speakers- Picks by Anderson Miller

Best Bets for Inbound 2013 Speakers

Set Godin @ThisIsSethsBlog- How can you NOT pick Seth. He?s the keynote for a very good reason! Everyone knows Seth. Everyone knows his blog. He won?t fail you. Get there early or you?ll be in the nose-bleed section. More about Seth Godin…

Blair Enns @BlairEnns- Win Without Pitching

I?ve experienced Blair?s WWP in both small & large groups. If you?re a marketing firm, this will be a hidden jewel. His talk is based on his book by the same name. Blair is spot on when it comes to re-aligning the way you think about marketing & positioning your ad agency/marketing firm. Don?t miss this one. And buy the book. It?s an efficient read that you can refer back to time & again. More about Inbound 2013 Speakers:?Blair Enns…

Rand Fishkin @Randfish- One of the founder of Moz (formerly SEOMoz), Rand is usually able to weave a meaningful story through deep data diving. When he focuses on business issues and leaves out the self-serving personal chatter, he?s brilliant.? Observe his presentation style as well as his content and you?ll learn a few actionable things to take home with you. I?ve seen Rand at Mozcon as well as Inbound2012. Time well spent. More about Inbound 2013 Speakers:?Rand Fishkin…

Dan Zarella– @DanZarella ? Data geeks unite! I saw Dan at Inbound2012 and was impressed. His research strategy is sound. His delivery is decipherable. His delivery is dead-on. ?And Hubspot supports his cause. Zarella doesn?t just slice the Hubspot data; he distills it down to meaningful content. Good job, Hubspot. More about Inbound 2013 Speakers: Dan Zarella…

Inbound 2013 Speakers-Wild Cards

C.C. Chapman @cc_Chapman – Podcasting and new media? Sure, he?s excelled. No doubt. But I?m more interested in this session because of Chapman?s success in building and selling a new media business. Anybody who can monetize Social Media has got my ear. More about Inbound 2013 Speakers: CC Chapman

Susan Piver @Spiver – What an interesting speaker choice! Coming from the perspective of Buddhist thought, it?ll be interesting to see one author?s life perspective.? I don?t know much about Piver, other than she?s a best-selling NYTimes author and has written 7 books. So, I don?t think she?ll be talking Workflows and Smartlists. That?s what makes this session so appealing to me. That?s what is so appealing about Inbound. More about Inbound 2013 speakers: Susan Piver.

Whitney Johnson– I like Johnson?s ?Dare to Dream? motto because it?s shared with my friend and mountain climbing guide Jim Gagne who has achieved the Seven Summits. Even more interesting will be to see her take on innovation as compared to Tony Ulwick?s Outcome Driven Innovation (ODI). Could get interesting??More about Inbound 2013 speakers: Whitney Johnson.

Erika Napoletano @RedheadWriting- The wildest of wild cards, I won?t make this session as it conflicts with another personal ?must see.? I?ll probably get a great big F**K OFF! from Erika as a result. If you need a swift kick in the ass session in which Dr. Phil meets Carrot Top (ok, ok, she?s much more attractive, funny and relevant than him, but she DOES have red hair). If you?ve read her blog, you know this session is rated ?R? and isn?t for the faint of heart. People will be talking about this one. More about Inbound 2013 speakers: Erika Napoletano.





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