Inbound Content Strategy: Educate Researchers

Educating Researchers Is Essential To Your Inbound Content Strategy

– Any successful Inbound Content Strategy isn’t just thrown together on a whim. It is crafted out of four pillars known as the four ?Es.?

These include: Education, Engagement, Encouragement and Embracement.

inbound content strategyIf your Inbound Content Strategy is missing even just one of these pieces, it is like a BBQ grill with no propane (or charcoal). It may look pretty when you show it off to your friends and colleagues, but when push comes to show it won’t?deliver the goods ? personally or professionally.

While you could run to KFC for a grill fake-out, faking an Inbound Content Strategy isn’t as simple. Nor does it even have the potential for success.

If you want to turn your website into a Conversion Machine by attracting Visitors, transforming them into Prospects and nurturing them into Customers, it is vital that you understand how to educate them.

Inbound Content Strategy: Why Education Is Essential

As wonderful as you and your business may be, your Prospects and Customers won’t?spend their hard-earned cash with you simply because you want them to. If it was that easy every business would flourish and every website would be a Conversion Machine.

The good news is, your Prospects and Customers spend their money with you for one reason ? they have a need and you have the solution. This is great news!

But before they (your Prospects and Customers) can make their purchasing decision, you need to show them that:

  • You understand their need
  • You have the product and/or service to be their solution

This is why education is essential to your Inbound Content Strategy. As smart as those who Visit your website may be, you don’t want to rely on them connecting the dots. Educate them.

Inbound Content Strategy Tips To Educate Internet Researchers

Inbound Content Strategy: Identify Your Target Audience

While it would be nice to create content which will please everyone and anyone, that isn’t possible nor is it a successful tactic. Instead, your Inbound Content Strategy should identify your Target Audience. Don’t just ask yourself who they are. Discover it. Do a little research. Find out details such as:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Education Level
  • Preferences
  • Interests
  • Marital Status
  • Location

Details such as these will allow you to tailor your Inbound Content Strategy copy to your specific audience.

Inbound Content Strategy: Answer Questions Clearly, In Terms Visitors Understand

The very last thing you want to do is make your Prospects and Customers work to find answers. To create an Inbound Content Strategy which successfully educates Visitors, you need to answer their questions quickly.

This means creating landing pages with a clear flow of information. It means crafting and formatting text so it is easy to read. And, it means recognizing that your Visitors are most likely not experts in your given field. They probably don’t speak your industry speak. They have their own jargon. Yours probably sounds a lot like Chinese to a Spaniard.

To avoid this language barrier pit-fall, craft content using layman?s terms.

Inbound Content Strategy: Stick To Your Topic
inbound content strategy

Why am I here? You don’t sell kittens?


If you sell pipes, you’re most likely not also selling cute kittens. Your website Visitors aren’t looking for pictures of these adorable fur balls.

Stick to your topic. Unless you are rescuing one of these little loves from a pipe. Then by all means, kitty that bad boy up. Then, get back to your topic.

Content is pivotal to Inbound Marketing success. However, if it doesn’t have a strategy behind it, your content will look foolish and will serve no purpose.

For more information on Inbound Content Strategy:

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