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Inbound Content Strategy opens the door for customer conversations. Interested? Sure you are. Who isn't?

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Have an Inbound Content Strategy?

Inbound Content Strategy.
A “Must Do.”

With Conversion Machines, content is King. Content Strategy is the throne content sits on.

Create content fit for a king. Rich content. Because rich content attracts and nurtures customers.

How? Go beyond one dimensional content found on most websites. Create 3-D content.

3-D Content Strategy

3-D content is part of any good Inbound Content Strategy. 3-D content is:

  1. Content written to target personas.
  2. Content written around product/service customer benefits.
  3. Content written and served at the perfect point in the buying cycle.

2-D content is flat & boring.
3-D content is relevant. It’s contextual. It’s timely. So, it’s consumed by the user.

Write Content for SEO or User Experience (UX)?

Both. But start with your prospective customers first. Why?

Great content fulfills a prospect’s needs. Content is consumed when it answers a customer’s questions. Guess what?

That’s exactly what search engines like. Google and others reward great content. And great content begins with Inbound Content Strategy.

More importantly, great content that’s organized properly is what causes conversions.

Content should address the following:

  1. Education
  2. Engagement
  3. Encouragement
  4. Embracing

Because your Content addresses customers at the right place in the buying cycle:

  1. Research
  2. Shopping
  3. Purchase
  4. Re-purchase

Why You Want Inbound Content Strategy

Four Inbound Content Strategy Results

  1. Attract Visitors.
  2. Nurture Leads.
  3. Create Customer Conversations.
  4. Cause Conversions
  5. Embrace Customers for Life.
What is “Good” Content?

Good content “speaks” to your prospects. It naturally leads interested visitors toward a purchase or conversion.

Good content creates customer conversations. And it causes conversions.

Here’s what an Inbound Content Strategy should have:

  • 3-D Content Plan

  • Content Gap Analysis

  • Personas

  • Product Pyramid Conversion Maps

  • SEO Recommendations

Inbound Content Strategy encourages lead nurturing.

Combine Inbound Content Strategy with a frictionless CTA MAP. Now you’ve got the plan for a Conversion Machine!

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