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Inbound Conversions – Rethinking Your Marketing – Reinventing the Wheel

Inbound Conversions – How Inbound Marketing Attracts Leads and Converts Them to Customers

You know the saying, ?Don?t reinvent the wheel?? We?ve all heard it. We all know what it means. But, does it actually make sense in the New World of Marketing and Inbound Conversions?

Over the past 5,000 or so years, a wheel has served the same basic function of reducing friction to facilitate movement. But the wheel has changed a lot. New, more efficient materials have been invented. Customized wheel solutions have been built for different vehicles. The rims on a tire are a far cry from wagon wheels.

Inbound MarketingThe point is, the wheel has been reinvented?the only consistency is its round shape. Now think of your marketing. Marketing 101 dictates ?Find a need and fill it.? This is the marketing wheel that hasn?t changed. ?Then why make any other kind of change?

The strategy, style, design and execution of marketing needed fixing.

As consumer media consumption habits change via the internet, so must our marketing efforts. The difference today is consumers are now telling us what they want based on their internet search terms and their online navigation habits. We simply need to respond with relevant information and content. So, do you still believe it is impossible to reinvent your marketing strategies and tactics?

Inbound Marketing helps attract new customers, leading to success in pre-defined marketing objectives.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?89 % of customers perform a search on the Internet…

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?…before making a purchasing decision.

Is your website being seen? Is it designed to attract? EIGHTY NINE PERCENT! Inbound Marketing is how you will attract and convert these people to customers…ah, ha…Inbound Conversions!

So what are Inbound Conversions? ?Think of Inbound Marketing like a magnet. You are pulling customers into your website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), blogging, social media and other forms of content. Your website attraction comes from answering customers? needs. Based on where a customer enters your website, we determine how close a customer is to a purchase. By providing relevant content, we lead your onsite visitors toward a purchase.? There is a science behind this that creates more efficient, cost-effective marketing than traditional outbound interrupt marketing. ?In fact, traditional marketing can almost be said to now be on the other side of the magnet, repelling more people than it attracts. ?Inbound Conversions: ?the science of turning visitors into customers.

Inbound Conversions

Here are a few reasons Inbound Marketing attracts prospects and converts them into customers:

Raise Brand Visibility: With so many people searching online, it is important that you can be found. Inbound Marketing will allow you to grow visibility through search engine optimization (SEO). That means ranking organically on Google when a prospective customer searches terms relevant to your business. So, when people search, they find you. A major tool in SEO and attracting customers is a blog. You have the opportunity to write information people want to read, while improving and expanding your keyword rank.

Generate Leads: Website traffic is great, but unless you are converting traffic into leads?what are you accomplishing? When you bring someone into your website, the purpose should be to create a customer today or create a customer tomorrow. Inbound utilizes a number of calls-to-action that fit your marketing objectives and help move website visitors down the customer purchase funnel.

Nurture Relationships: The day you get a customer, should NOT also be the day you begin to lose them. With lead nurturing from Inbound Marketing, you can remarket to customers?so they continue to be customers. Over time, your lead nurturing will help lead to buying habits and long-term relationships.

Establish Expertise: Let?s be honest. No one wants to buy from a hack. With Inbound Marketing, you will be creating tons of content (for example, videos, blogs, whitepapers, price comparison tools, etc.) that demonstrate why your product or service best meets the needs of your prospective and current customers. After a period of time, your website may be viewed as a trusted, reliable resource. Great content will be referenced by peers and customers will be searching for you.

Inbound Marketing attracts. If customers aren?t knocking on your website door, it may be that your company?s online ?door? isn?t even being seen. It may be that the 89 percent of people who search and research online can?t even find you to knock! You may need to reinvent your wheel through Inbound Marketing.

Before you take the plunge, let us perform a complimentary Inbound Marketing Website Analysis on ?your current website to determine its ability to work with Inbound Marketing practices.

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