CTA Maps Guide Visitors

Generate more inbound leads.

A strategic and well-planned CTA map is integral to any successful Inbound Marketing Plan. Click the button below and download our sample conversion map.

Need Inbound Leads? Use a CTA Map.

CTA maps create new inbound leads from visitors.

Great content attracts visitors and generates inbound leads. It is imperative for a website built as a conversion machine. Relevant content should be served up for your visitors no matter what their point of entry is into your website. That’s why your website needs a Call To Action CTA Map

A CTA Map Guides Creates Inbound Leads

When customers are researching your website must Educate.

When customers are shopping your website must Engage.

When customers are near the purchase your website must Encourage.

After a purchase has been made, your website must Embrace the customer in order to Encourage repeat business

Blueprint For Content

A Call To Action CTA Map creates the blueprint for your content. This allows content to be served up in a logical order of consumption. So, a CTA Map defines what content a prospective persona will be served. It also determines at what point in the buying process that content is served.

Cause Conversions

CTA Maps create a natural website navigation path, resulting in higher inbound leads for your website. Especially when combined with content derived from an effective Inbound Content Strategy.

A CTA map organizes content to naturally nurture a Visitor into a Customer. When implemented correctly, a Call To Action CTA map reduces customer friction. It is the lubricant for a well-oiled Conversion Machine.

Guide your website visitors to conversions. Convert to a sale, a donation or a request for information.


Why Your Visitors
Get Lost…

Less visitor friction means more inbound leads.

Most websites unintentionally create roadblocks for visitors. But a CTA Strategy creates a map for your content.

On-site navigation that directs user to irrelevant content creates frustration and bounces. Navigation dead-ends create bounces off the site. And there are plenty more obstacles that create what we call User Friction (UF).

UF reduces conversions. That is bad.

Things a CTA Map looks for in website User Friction:

    • Insufficient or Outdated User Flow Map
    • Most of Your Site Entry is through the Home page.
    • Improper Use of Main Navigation Menu
    • Inappropriate Calls-to-Action
    • Misuse of Landing Pages and Forms
    • Sole Focus on the Bottom-of-Funnel Sale
    • Dead End Navigation

A Call To Action CTA Map reduces friction. It is the oil & grease that will make your Conversion Machine work efficiently. It’s good for the Visitor. It’s good for you.

Don’t confuse your website’s CTA map with the CTA map for Chicago’s “L”.  One gets you around Chicagoland. The other transports you to Conversionland.

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