Inbound Marketing Agency: SEO Tips When Using WordPress

Inbound Marketing Agency SEO Tips

As the online space becomes ever-more competitive, optimizing your website becomes more hands-on than in the past. Long gone are the days when you can just throw up a webpage advertising your business, use a few keywords, and write a press release to make it to the top of the search engine results pages. These days, SEO is essential.

Of all the blogging platforms out there, WordPress is the leader with nearly 55% of the market share. Among the many reasons that millions of webmasters prefer WordPress to other content management systems is that WordPress is so SEO-friendly. It?s simply easier to promote your website using the plugin system, than with other platforms such as Drupal and Joomla. With that said, there are many people who don?t use WordPress to its full capacity, and miss out on some helpful SEO tips as a result.

Inbound Marketing Agency SEO TipsHow Good is WordPress for SEO?

Although WordPress is smoother to use for the end-user, it is far from a full suite of SEO-tools. The primary benefit it confers is its powerful blogging attribute ? which is just the first part of SEO. Blogging satisfies the crucial content-marketing aspect of search engine optimization, but it doesn?t help with the off-page aspect and the numerous small details about meta-tags and other attributes. When coupled with an inbound marketing agency, your blogging efforts are maximized ? you now know how to understand your audience and deliver the content they?re actually searching for.

Choose the Best WordPress Plugins for Your Website

WordPress has countless plugins, many of which have been downloaded hundreds-of-millions of times. How do you choose from this sea of addendums to best complement your website? Although it?s true that plugins are pretty much what makes WordPress so user-friendly, most people don?t understand how to discern between two plugins that profess to perform similar tasks. An SEO expert or WordPress advisor can help you. For example, having too many plugins can slow down your site, causing you to lose traffic. Others can add extra database queries or perform complex calculations ? where a better choice can eliminate these hassles. The WordPress community is robust, and is a good start to website optimization.

Get a Good Host for Your Site

Not all hosting solutions are created equal; in fact, even between two excellent ones, one of them might work much better for your particular WordPress website depending on what plugins you?re using. You?ve probably noticed some variation in hosting prices, as the companies try to outbid each other for your service.

What you should be looking for, however, isn?t the price, but what they offer. How good are the security solutions? Look for the ability to build your site in draft, without publishing it so you can view the real-time appearance. Check forums and reviews for information on their support; even if you?re an expert, you?ll probably need it at some point or another.

Starting Off Right in the World of SEO

Your Website is now the face the world sees when your business comes up. To ensure that it does actually come up when queried, take this free Inbound Marketing Assessment to better understand how your site can perform for you. Your potential waterfall of traffic already exists; it?s up to you to place yourself under the stream through search engine optimization.

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