Inbound Marketing Assessment: Grade More Than Your Website

An Inbound Marketing Assessment
Measures All Your Online Marketing

– Inbound Marketing is more than your Website. So, you’ll consider an Inbound Marketing Assessment over a Website Grader.

Traditional outbound marketing focused on throwing ads at the general public through mail campaigns, TV ads, newspaper ads and magazine ads. This is a lot like standing on a box in Times Square, spewing ideas and hoping someone will agree with you. While you might attract some attention, in most cases this will be in the form of irritation and animosity. Those are not the best sentiments for turning Prospects into Customers, are they?

Inbound Marketing utilizes a personal approach. Your Inbound Marketing Assessment helps you identify your target Customer base and discover where they spend their time:

  • email
  • web searches
  • social media platforms

An Inbound Marketing Assessment helps your form a baseline metric for your online marketing efforts. How well do you Attract? Do you Nurture leads? Do you have the strategy and automation systems in place to assist in Conversions?

Determining the strengths and weaknesses of your web presence, including your website, ?allows you to tweak and improve your digital marketing. So, instead of praying for Leads from your outbound marketing (aka spewing) efforts, your website becomes a Conversion Machine.

?Inbound Marketing Costs 61 Percent Less

 Inbound Marketing Assessment

Where Are Your
Marketing Dollars Spent?

Where does your business spend most of its marketing dollars? Is your website a Conversion Machine? Are you making the most of your marketing budget? As of January 2012, HubSpot found businesses focused on Inbound Marketing spend on average of 61 percent less than those focused on outbound marketing. (Typically marketing plans focused on outbound or Inbound Marketing dedicate more than 50 percent of the budget to those respective channels.)

Why is this the case? Because 71 percent of business-to-business buyers are turning to the web for information. Professionals want professional answers with facts and figures to back them up. This is why an Inbound Marketing Strategy works. You position yourself as the expert. You provide the answers. Your business offers the solutions.

Strong Inbound Marketing Provides Valuable Content

A strong Inbound Marketing Strategy focuses on providing valuable content to attract Prospects and encourage repeat Customers. Your Inbound Marketing Assessment will help you:

  • Know what attracts Visitors
  • Compare your website to your competitors
  • Learn your Lead to conversion success
  • Identify gaps in your website?s workflow
  • Determine your ROI

With this information your Inbound Marketing Consultant will help you create a strong Content Strategy that fuels conversation. They will develop a clear Call-to-Action Map that will increase Conversions.

An Inbound Marketing Consultant will use your Inbound Marketing Assessment to create an ?digital conversion system that includes a website that attracts, nurtures and converts Visitors to Leads & Customers. Maximize your marketing dollars to increase profits. With a strategic marketing plan based on the initial Inbound Marketing Assessment, your business can focus on what it does best ? providing your customers with solutions.

inbound marketing assessment

Get the Biggest Bang
for your Marketing Buck


It All Begins With Your?Inbound Marketing Assessment

Start getting the biggest bang for your marketing buck today with an Inbound Marketing Assessment. Turn your website into a Conversion Machine. Develop and improve your digital marketing plan.

Talk to your Inbound Marketing Agency today about starting your Inbound Marketing Assessment.

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