Inbound Marketing Assessment: What Does it Measure?

?Why An Inbound Marketing Assessment?

Are You Serious?

-?You’ve?made an investment in your website. ?And in PPC/SEO. Do you even know if?you’ve?gotten a return?

Everything you read today about the latest marketing techniques includes a focus on Internet Marketing.? You may have heard it called?Inbound Marketing, but do you really know if your current internet effort and website are even capable of giving you a return?

If you?re serious about finding out, before going with a website upgrade and throwing ?good money after bad? in an attempt to get something out of that original investment with just a re-skin or some cosmetic fix, you need to invest in an Inbound Marketing Assessment.

It?s All About Conversion

Inbound Marketing Assessment

Your Website Becomes the Engine of an
Inbound Conversion Machine

Inbound Marketing is much more than just a fancier website.? It is a holistic approach.? Your website becomes the engine of an ?Inbound Conversion Machine? that is designed to

  • ?Attract Visitors
  • ?Nurture them into becoming Leads
  • ?Educating the leads into becoming Prospects
  • ?Converting those prospects into Customers

If your overall Inbound Marketing Strategy isn?t doing that, you are not going to get the ROI you need to justify the time and expense required to even start the process.

An Inbound Marketing Assessment
Measures Performance Gaps

An Inbound Marketing Assessment is much more than a Website Audit or Website Grader because it measures performance in all areas of your Inbound Marketing Strategy, not just your website. ?There are several levels of Inbound Marketing Assessment available depending on how serious you are about getting results from your marketing efforts.

Some are free. The highest level are paid assessments that create a baseline to measure opportunity for success as well as ?a total baseline metric for your organization.? The results of the Inbound Marketing Assessment are the foundation for an Inbound Marketing Plan that allows you to create an Inbound Conversion Machine.

Then your overall marketing investment pay off the way it should!

Using KPI?s (Key Performance Indicators) and subjective analysis
a good Inbound Marketing Assessment will:

  1. ? ? ? ? ?Grade Your Existing Website
  2. ? ? ? ? ?Compare Your Site to Your Competition
  3. ? ? ? ? ?Examine Visitor Conversion Ratios
  4. ? ? ? ? ?Measure Your ?UX Factor? ? User Experience Friction Reduction
  5. ? ? ? ? ?Do a Workflow Gap Analysis
  6. ? ? ? ? ?Analyze Your SEM and SEO
  7. ? ? ? ? ?Provide a Content/CTA (Call To Action) Report
  8. ? ? ? ? ?Analyze How Your Interactive Initiatives are Connected to Your Website
  9. ? ? ? ? ?Evaluate Your Remarketing (Re-visits and Repurchases)
  10. ? ? ? ? ?Provide an Executive Summary – ROI Measurement
  11. ? ? ? ? ?Provide Consult Time With a Certified Inbound Strategist

Now What?

Once you have the Inbound Marketing Assessment you?re ready to work with an Inbound Marketing Consultant to create an Inbound Marketing Plan.? Your Inbound Marketing Plan needs to utilize a ?Content Centered? approach that incorporates these Best Practices:

Inbound Marketing Assessment

A Content Centered Approach


  • ? ? ? ? ?Conversion Architecture Web Design
  • ? ? ? ? ?Keyword Analysis
  • ? ? ? ? ?SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Best Practices
  • ? ? ? ? ?SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Strategies
  • ? ? ? ? ?Quality Lead Generation
  • ? ? ? ? ?Solution-Based Content Marketing Strategy
  • ? ? ? ? ?Automated Content Management Systems
  • ? ? ? ? ?Inbound Conversion Strategies
  • ? ? ? ? ?Call-To-Action Planning
  • ? ? ? ? ?Blog Marketing Strategies
  • ? ? ? ? ?Social Media Marketing Strategies
  • ? ? ? ? ?Email Marketing Strategies
  • ? ? ? ? ?Proper Use of Landing Pages
  • ? ? ? ? ?Measurement and Analysis
  • ? ? ? ? ?Remarketing Strategies

Inbound Marketing is a common sense approach to leveraging the way the internet is used by the majority of people today into a measurable and effective strategy for getting new business.? Is it time for you to find out how your marketing stacks up with an Inbound Marketing Assessment?

Want to learn more about the Inbound Marketing Assessment? Click here.

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