Inbound Marketing Companies: From Salesforce to Starbucks

Inbound Marketing Companies: Starbucks and Salesforce

-Chances are you?re hearing a tremendous amount of buzz about Inbound Marketing, especially if you subscribe to our blog (do it).

You hear Inbound Marketing works. You hear it increases Visitors, Leads and Customers. Maybe you have heard specific ways to implement Inbound Marketing tactics into your own marketing initiatives.

But who, in real life, is practicing what they preach (besides Inbound Marketing Companies)?

The big fish, that?s who. Here are two well-known enterprise level companies that are utilizing Inbound Marketing best practices and reaping the benefits.

Salesforce is a cloud computing company best known for its customer relationship management (CRM) product and expanded presence into the social enterprise arena.


The Salesforce inbound marketing strategy revolves around being able to generate leads by building and promoting a content-rich micro-site through multiple channels.

The site is heavily valued by the target market and actively serves up rich content including:

  • Original content
  • Curated content
  • Collaborative content
  • Legacy content

During the first month after implementation of the site, Salesforce saw their traffic jump 80% (compared to that month of the previous year), social media traffic was up 2,500%, 6,500 new newsletter signups and 10,000 ebook downloads (which can also be considered warm leads). (Source: Salesforce)

Kieran Flanagan, an inbound marketing manager for Salesforce is quoted as saying ?The new B2B purchase journey is search-initiated, social powered and buyer-controlled?. He also believes the rule for social success is 90/10, meaning 90% of content should be about customers and 10% about products.

Salesforce is effectively marketing to its targeted personas. As a result of this Inbound?strategy, Salesforce has directly translated their efforts into 10,000 leads.

Whoa! Salesforce, you?re doing it right.


Starbucks?no company description needed?is a powerhouse in the mobile advertising arena. Starbucks knows how to connect with their customers in person and online.

Inbound Marketing companies | Starbucks

Starbucks makes sensational efforts to connect and interact with fans over the company?s Facebook page and Instagram account. They also maximize social networks not just to promote but to grow their community of fans and followers. Their twitter account has over 4 million followers and their Facebook account has over 35 million likes.

Starbucks realized growing their audience helps get them found and their promotions and products helps them grow their audience. It has slowly become a well-known and much-loved company (and their products are so good they’re borderline addictive, we might add).

Yep! Starbucks, you?re doing it right.

Now are you convinced?

Inbound marketing isn?t just a marketing fad. Inbound marketing isn?t just a technique used by your local book store to help them increase profits just to meet payroll. It is a worldwide phenomenon and large corporations and brands are experiencing mind blowing success.

Lucky for you, you can implement the same exact tactics that helped Salesforce and Starbucks. Get a free Inbound Assessment of your website and see what areas need improvement. Could you be the next big success story?

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