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Inbound Marketing Companies vs. Traditional Ad Agencies

Why traditional advertising is losing ground to Inbound Marketing Companies

– Is there still a place for traditional interruption advertising?? Perhaps. However, Inbound Marketing Companies are providing a new and exciting way to attract new prospects and convert them into customers through… guess what… Inbound Marketing.

Sex sells. Or else you wouldn't have found this image. Now get back to business! Start with Inbound Marketing.

Interruption Advertising from Traditional Ad Agencies

By interrupt advertising we mean television, radio, print ads and email that comes to you unsolicited and interrupts what you are doing.? When you turn on the TV, you want to watch your favorite television program.? Your programs are interrupted by commercials that you would really rather not be there. Enter the DVR.

New technologies have created work-arounds for nearly every interruption strategy?? Voice mail on phones, spam filters on our email.? You get the idea. Interruption marketing is not going away anytime soon, but its effectiveness is certainly diminishing quickly.

So, if the old interruption methods are less effective what about the old traditional ad agency, mired solely in interruption advertising. ?In the new world of Digitalism, businesses need to learn how communicate with the people who may need your products and services without continually interrupting them.

The answer is hiring an Inbound Marketing Company.

86% of today?s buyers research their decision on the internet.? Inbound Marketing is the process of attracting these buyers by positioning your organization where ?internet shoppers are searching.

The best Inbound Marketing companies use a precise method of communication. Serving up the right type of content at the right points of the buying cycle nurtures shoppers to take action.? This is called a Conversion.

Inbound Marketing is all about nurturing conversions.? Causing conversions is all about content.? Content is all about creating conversations with the customer. By content we mean the relevant information your future customers need to know about you and your products/services to make an informed decision to buy.

Many old-style ad agencies pretend to understand Inbound Marketing.? They can slap up a pretty website and maybe launch an email campaign, but the online efforts lack Conversion Architecture based on strategy. There is so much more to Inbound Marketing than a pretty website!

Choosing an Inbound Marketing Company ?

1. Do they start with an overall ?Content-Based Strategy??

2. Do they understand how to use content to attract visitors with Keyword Enriched Information?

3. Are they capable of designing and/or building an ?Internet Conversion Machine??

4 Have they made the commitment to become ?Hubspot? Certified or subscribe to other software like Marketo, Eloqua or Pardot?

5. Will they provide ?Inbound Analytics? so you will know if you are getting results?

Any good Inbound Marketing company will practice all five.

With a properly built Internet Conversion Machine powered by a website designed to maximize all aspects of inbound, you have the ability to position your business where the people who are interested in your products or services are looking.? You end up talking to more and more people who want to buy your most profitable products and services because you have developed an Inbound Marketing Strategy that converts Visitors into ideal Customers.? You are no longer interrupting; you are:

  • Attracting
  • Converting
  • Closing
  • Delighting

When you delight your customers, you create champions for your cause.? A delighted customer is a constant source of new business.? If your ad agency is not talking to you about Inbound Marketing in this kind of depth, perhaps it?s time to find out why.

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