Inbound Marketing Consultants: Why Certification Matters

HubSpot Certifications Make a Better Inbound Marketing Consultants

What is HubSpot?

What is HubSpot?

– HubSpot software helps companies market themselves on the digital platform while educating them on how to nurture leads, attain higher conversion rates and achieve digital brand alignment. Its tools, resources and knowledge-base are unmatched in the Inbound Marketing industry.

While the all-in-one software has gained high marks and positive reviews regarding its ease-of-use, the user may not know where to start when it comes to Inbound Marketing Strategy. Many novice (and experienced) HubSpot users seek the help of Inbound Marketing Consultants to assist in the implementation of a robust, clear and effective strategy.

Inbound Marketing Consultants ? Not All Are Created Equal

Many Inbound Marketing Consultants utilize HubSpot?s software, whether for in-house branding or for their clients? digital marketing efforts. However, some of these consultants are novices themselves ? or they can only produce the tangible elements of a marketing strategy.

HubSpot has taken it upon itself to ensure its users, specifically its Inbound Marketing Consultants, have gone through specific tests to become certified in Inbound Marketing Strategy and HubSpot software.

Inbound Marketing and HubSpot Certifications

Inbound Certification

main-hubspot-logo-300x181The Inbound Certification covers the core elements of Inbound Methodology. While it does cover execution, like landing page creation, list segmentation, and call-to-action implementation ? it also covers “Inbound Marketing 101” along with the basics of the tool.

You will learn: What is Inbound Marketing? How many calls-to-action do you need? How can I use the social tool to monitor what my customers are saying?

The ultimate goal of Inbound Marketing is to find ways to Attract Visitors, Convert them to Leads, Nurture Leads into Customers and delight return Customers again and again. This certification ensures you know how to use each tool in order to achieve those goals.

HubSpot Certification

The HubSpot certification is designed to test you on working knowledge of the HubSpot product as well as Inbound Marketing Strategy and best practices.

Not only will this certification reveal how advanced you are at using HubSpot?s tools, but also how well you know the strategy behind it.

For example, the questions revolve around:

? Why should you segment lists?
? What tweaks you can make to a landing page to increase conversions?
? Why you should A/B test emails?
? Why should calls-to-action be above-the-fold?

The second part of the test requires the test-taker to produce certain elements specific to Inbound Marketing to prove your knowledge. They are then submitted for HubSpot?s review.

This certification helps make sense of all the different components of the HubSpot software as well as the Inbound Marketing Strategy behind it.

Why Certification Matters

Why do these two certifications matter? Why should your Inbound Marketing Consultants be certified?

HubSpot is an excellent tool that helps you attract prospects, engage with website visitors and convert visitors into leads. However, it’s no small task to achieve those things on your own. If you choose to hire Inbound Marketing Consultants – make sure they are certified.

Three reasons why your Consultants should be certified:

1. It proves they know the software: there?s no way to fake these two certifications. If you are working with an Inbound Marketing Consultants, make sure they have all team members Inbound Certified and the employee working with you and your website should be HubSpot certified.

2. Get the best: You pay good money to your Consultants, you expect results and ROI. It?s very likely that if your Inbound Marketing Consultants aren’t?certified, they might not be meeting your expectations. You deserve the best.

3. Recertification is required every year: these certifications are fine and dandy ? but Inbound Marketing best practices (and the HubSpot software itself) change all the time. Inbound Marketing Consultants are required to retake these tests to obtain certifications every year. This forces them to stay up-to-date on the tool so they can continue to deliver results for you.

If you need more information about HubSpot, request a free demo from a HubSpot and Inbound certified Consultant:

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