Inbound Marketing Solutions: HubSpot Vs. Teradata

There are numerous inbound marketing solutions available today, but they are not all designed with the same business audience in mind. For instance, Teradata says their products are designed for ?business leaders, IT professionals and data scientists.? That may be a bit geeky for most small (and even mid-size) businesses who are anxious to maximize their marketing but who are not technical experts.

But that?s OK. Teradata is a multi-faceted technology company with very large enterprise customers. So if you?re an SMB, Teradata probably isn?t for you, even though their Integrated Marketing Cloud is full-featured and robust. On the other hand, a solution like HubSpot may be exactly the right marketing automation software for your business. HubSpot is rated #1 by users who represent a broad range of marketing expertise and company size.

Consider these differences between HubSpot and Teradata.

HubSpot Overview


  • Comprehensive content management package supports all aspects of an inbound marketing strategy ? email, website, blog, social media, lead management, marketing automation and analytics.
  • Extensive resources to facilitate learning about the software and about inbound marketing techniques and best practices.
  • Intuitive functional design makes it easy to use.
  • Multiple design templates for building landing pages, etc.
  • Single point of access for all actions, from creating content to tracking and analyzing results.
  • Fully integrated modules draw data from one another seamlessly.
  • Integrates smoothly with third-party CRM products, including SalesForce.
  • Tiered, budget-friendly acquisition levels that start at just $200 per month.



  • Lacking in advanced customization options.
  • Some critics complain that analytics aren?t as detailed as they would like.


Teradata Overview


  • Integrated Marketing Cloud includes modules to manage planning and spend, work flow and collaboration, marketing assets, customer interactions and digital marketing.
  • Digital marketing enables multi-channel campaigns that incorporate email, social media, mobile and website.
  • Automated processes enable personalized messaging, tailored scheduling of communications and real-time response.
  • Part of a larger ?family? of products for large enterprises, including data warehousing apps, Big Data analytics programs and strategic consulting services.
  • Analytics integrate customer data from all touch points, including paid, earned and owned channels.



  • Reviewers on G2 Crowd rated Teradata at just 3.4 stars overall, lower than HubSpot in every category except campaign management (they tied in this category).
  • Not user-friendly. Some customers report difficulty in getting team member buy-in to use the software.



Teradata is looking for customers who want to ?bridge the gap between marketing and IT? to achieve high-powered, data-driven marketing. These days every business needs to put the power of customer data behind their marketing. But if you?re a small or mid-size business with limited time and marketing staff, your biggest challenge is finding a way to harness technology to make marketing production and execution easier as well as more effective.

A comprehensive inbound marketing solution like HubSpot can provide a wealth of functional practicality and actionable data, for a reasonable investment. Still wondering what to get? Download our FREE eBook on choosing marketing automation software that compares the industry-leading platforms. It even includes product and customer reviews. Download your FREE copy by clicking the button below.

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