Inbound Marketing Solutions: Hubspot Works with Salesforce

The Perfect Marketing Sundae: Hubspot Ice Cream with Salesforce Hot Fudge

-This is one of those Inbound Marketing Solutions that really tastes good!? Hubspot?s native integration of Salesforce allows you to serve up valuable lead information directly into the ice cream dish in front of your salespeople. Hubspot has made it fairly easy to do:

inbound marketing solutions

Get The Scoop On This One!

  • Integration: SMarketing at its finest moment when Hubspot?s delicious marketing intelligence is poured all over your account.
  • Two-Directional Sync:? You get two spoons with this treat as Hubspot effortlessly syncs new and modified lead & contact records in both directions.
  • Closed-Loop Reporting: You can see how your marketing efforts blend with your lead quality.

Inbound Marketing Solutions Sundae

You can get the scoop on this great Inbound Marketing Solutions feature if you have the Hubspot Professional or Enterprise level program and have the Salesforce Professional, Enterprise or Unlimited product. ?(You will not be able to integrate if you are only on the Hubspot Basic program or Salesforce Contact Manager or Group Editions.)? One layout is available in the Salesforce Professional Edition but in the Enterprise or Unlimited Salesforce Edition there are multiple layouts to choose from.

Inbound Marketing Solutions Smoothie

Hubspot first developed a Salesforce Connector in 2007. At that time, Hubspot?s software was required to ?know? a lot about business logic in order to keep synchronization running smoothly.? Since that time has released a platform that allows the Hubspot software to leverage the built in business logic of This improves the dynamic syncing capabilities of the integration package.? What all this means is that today the Hubspot-Salesforce sundae goes down smoother than ever with frictionless interaction between the two.

Inbound Marketing Solutions Sprinkles

So Sprinkle on your favorite treats. ?Syncing up between Hubspot and Salesforce is fully two-directional and fully automatic.? You get to control which leads are sent to Salesforce based on criteria you set (such as custom lead scores). ?So now you can coordinate marketing efforts with sales efforts. You can do it in real time or manually in batches. And, ?Hubspot keeps records in sync when changes are made.

The integration allows leveraging of any of your Salesforce information so you can segment your database, customize email messages, and even show different content to different prospects on your website. Yes, you can now serve up individualized calls-to-action and images.

inbound marketing solutions

Keep Your Sales Team
Licking Their Lips

Keep your sales team licking their lips with custom email notifications when leads take key actions on your website.? Nothing works better than when the interview is geared toward what you already know is someone?s favorite flavor.

Inbound Marketing Solutions Topping

Analytics are the topping on this Inbound Marketing Solutions treat. ?By tracking touch points as visitors navigate your website, discover what Marketing Tactics are giving you the highest quality leads. ?Those are the real cherries on top that move the leads further and further down the Sales Funnel eventually causing conversion into customers.

Inbound Marketing Solutions Second Helpings

By closing the loop, now that you know what Inbound Marketing Solutions are working, you can refine your overall content to get even better ROI results.? Each time you serve up another dish to your prospects, they will be getting just what they like because you have the data that tells you their favorite flavor.

The Hubspot-Salesforce Integration puts two favorite flavors in the same dish.? Armed with more relevant information, alignment between Sales and Marketing improves lead quality, increases conversion rates and improves ROI.? It?s a triple dip.

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