Inbound Marketing Strategy: Increase Website Conversion

Conversion ?The Purpose Of Your
Inbound Marketing Strategy

– An Inbound Marketing Strategy that failed:

Just went to the latest and greatest new giant hardware store to hit our area. It wasn?t all that easy to find, but we got there.

When we went in the entrance, we were faced with a shelf of cheap cleaning products, but funneled over to some aisles of electrical products quickly.? Problem was, we were looking for patio furniture. We were wondering if we came in the right door.

It took us a while of wandering around and asking busy workers to find where we wanted to be.? When we got there, the chairs that were on sale were nowhere to be found.? We found them eventually, but then it took us even longer to figure out how to do the rebate paperwork. Finally we ran out of time and just left.

This was not a ?frictionless? experience. In fact, we left frustrated and unfulfilled

Does this describe the UX (user experience) for Visitors to your website?

  • Not sure if they are in the right place
  • Can?t find what they are looking for
  • Have trouble figuring out how to do business with you
  • Get frustrated and leave

The Value of an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing Strategy

The Science of
Inbound Marketing

The science of Inbound Marketing is more than just a pretty website.? It?s all about:

  • Being found through relevancy
  • Engaging with the Visitor at their level
  • Nurturing the Visitor into becoming a Qualified Lead
  • Converting that Lead into a Customer

If your Inbound Marketing Strategy isn?t doing this, consider hiring an Inbound Marketing Consultant to guide you through the process.

The First Step ? Inbound Marketing Assessment

The first step on your Inbound Marketing Strategy journey is knowing where you are.? That?s why an Inbound Marketing Assessment makes sense.

  • Know Your Website Attraction Factor
  • Compare Your Website vs. Competitors
  • Learn Your Customer Conversion Ratios
  • I.D. Workflow Gaps
  • See a Content/CTA “Feast & Famine” Report
  • Determine Your ROI

Second Step – Inbound Content Strategy

The days of fluffy ?who we are? Home Page copy are gone?long gone.? You have about 30 ?seconds in your Inbound Marketing Strategy to engage visitors to your website with relevant information(some say 7 seconds and I’ve even heard as low as 2.6 seconds)

So your Content better resolve specific problem before Visitors bounce to go to another site that will.? Knowing how to build your Inbound Content Strategy around a strong CTA (Call-to-Action) Map that engages them properly is critical to improving your conversion rate.? That?s where Inbound Marketing Consultants really earn their stripes, creating CTAs that convert those Visitors into Qualified Leads.

Third Step ? How to Handle those Qualified Inbound Leads

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Not Ready to Get
Married Quite Yet

Do you have a system in place for managing those Inbound Leads? ?Not every one of them may be ready to walk down the aisle, repeat the vows and exchange rings quite yet.? Some nurturing is required.

This is where a well-planned and organized Inbound Marketing Strategy separates your organization from ordinary internet marketing efforts.? The CTA Map must anticipate their needs and provide solutions, in the form of relevant content, guiding them to the point where they are ready to commit to becoming a Customer. And, like your entire website and internet marketing system, it should be regularly and continually tested.

Developing this responsive of an Inbound Marketing Strategy requires the experience and knowledge of a Certified Inbound Marketing Consultant.

An Inbound Marketing Strategy –
It All Makes Sense Now

Yes, you can increase your website?s conversion rate and the ROI factor of the investment in your website. ?It only makes sense that a strong Inbound Marketing Strategy will take you there. ?Ready to take the first step?

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