Inbound Marketing Strategy: Landing Pages Do’s and Don’ts

Creating the Right Landing Page:
Part of a Great Inbound Marketing Strategy

A Landing Page created with strong Inbound Marketing Strategy is like a private airport.? There?s only one runway, but when you get there, you know where you are.

There?s only a couple of ways to taxi around, but they all make sense because there?s no confusion and you can see exactly where you?re going.? You can only pull your plane into one hanger and when you climb out of the plane, there?s the airport manager waiting to thank you and drive you anywhere you?d like.

Inbound Marketing Strategy: What is a Landing Page anyway?

Inbound Marketing Strategy

…Only One Runway…

A Landing Page is a special web page specifically designed to convert visitors into leads. ?It is used to receive Visitors that have been sent to that specific URL by a CTA in another advertising venue rather than always sending Visitors to the Home Page.

A well-designed Landing Page becomes a digital sales rep, gathering valuable data 24/7 for marketing and sales.

According to Hubspot, most B2B visitors are information searching or performing research.? These Visitors are looking for information to solve a problem or fulfill a need. ?They’re seeking educational Content.

They’re not ready to buy from you?yet.? Your Landing Page Inbound Marketing Strategy ?can convert these Visitors into Leads.

However, not all leads are created equal. ?The Visitor mix is usually something like this:

  • Visitors Performing Research (75-98%)
  • Visitors Establishing Buying Criteria (2-25%)
  • Visitors Evaluating Vendors (0-10%)

There are things you should include in your Inbound Marketing Strategy and things you shouldn?t when creating Landing Pages to convert these Visitors into Leads.

Inbound Marketing Strategy Landing Page ?Do?s?


?know your Visitor – Write Content directed to your Buyer Personas.

?write a well defined and relevant offer.

?explain the?importance?and?value of the offer to your target persona.

?use bullet points to make info easily digestible.

?select the right number of form fields for the type of offer.

?have only one Call-to-Action removing all other navigation and links.

?include a relevant picture to capture interest.

?write clear, succinct, compelling headlines to attract attention.

?add social media sharing icons.

?use Landing Pages often, the more the better, each written to specific personas.

?have a Thank You Page that confirms the visitor?s action and invites follow up.

Inbound Marketing Strategy
Landing Page ?Don?ts?


?have a whole lot of choices for action to be taken.

?have any links for navigation.

?overwrite the content with boring irrelevant copy.

?have text-only long form copy.

?write to every one of your personas on one landing page.

?forget to confirm the visitor is in the right place.

?leave the visitor hanging without a relevant CTA.

?miss the opportunity to capture valuable contact information about the visitor.

Inbound Marketing Strategy Objective

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Thank You

The?Inbound Marketing Strategy?objective of the Landing Page is to improve your conversion numbers.?How do you know if you have a good landing page?? Landing Page success is usually measured by its submission rate.? The percentage of views that result in a submission is a a direct result of how relevant your offering is.

It pays to build out good landing pages.

Automated content management Inbound Marketing software, like Hubspot, offers Landing Page Analytics that can be critical to measuring your success.? You can see what’s working?and what’s not. Then make adjustments to further improve your conversion rate.

A Certified Inbound Marketing Consultant can be an invaluable asset when it comes to interpreting these analytics and developing your?Inbound Marketing Strategy.

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