Inbound Marketing Strategy: Why Do You Have a Website?

How an Inbound Marketing Strategy Answers The Question

-If your company is like thousands of other companies, the reason you have a website is because it was assumed:

If you are in business, you must have a website.

Bad reason.

The concept of having an Inbound Marketing Strategy that includes not only your website but also any other internet-based marketing activity such as email marketing, search marketing, and social media marketing, is relatively new to the table at marketing mealtime.

If the real reason you have a website is to increase your business, perhaps it?s time to change the menu. ?First, let’s set the table.

 Inbound Marketing Strategy

Perhaps it’s Time to
Change the Menu

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Our prospects/customers expect us to have a website, but it really serves no other function.
  • We spent as little as possible on our website so we didn?t waste money.
  • We thought we were going to actually get business from our website, but that didn?t happen.
  • Our website is outdated and needs upgrading.
  • We have no idea what kind of a Return on Investment we are getting from our website.

If these sound familiar, don?t feel bad.? This describes the vast majority of organizations.? The practical functionality of a business website is a much misunderstood concept?.until now.

Welcome to Inbound Marketing!

What if the real reason you had a website (to increase your business) was something that you could not only accomplish for certain, but that you could measure precisely, gauging exactly how much a new customer was costing to acquire?

  • With a properly developed Inbound Marketing Strategy this is exactly what you can accomplish.?

What if you could attract people to your website that were actually searching for what you offer?

  • This is what an Inbound Marketing Strategy is designed to do.

What if your website was designed to create Conversion, carefully nurturing those Visitors into becoming Qualified Inbound Leads and then into becoming Customers?

  • You guessed it: Inbound Marketing Strategy strikes again!

What Inbound Marketing is Not.

Traditional marketing has always relied on various forms of ?interrupt advertising? in an attempt to develop leads and new business.? Television and radio commercials ?interrupt? people watching their favorite programming.? A 1% to 3% response from mass-mailing and email blast marketing, both interrupt tactics, is considered fantastic. ?The problem is today that people skip through commercials with DVRs or radio pre-set buttons, sort their mail over the trash can and rely on SPAM filters to keep their Inbox from filling up.? Interruption Marketing, while it still has its place in creating awareness & attention, ?isn?t working as well as it used to.

What is Working? is Inbound.

It all starts with strategy ? Inbound Marketing Strategy.? The foundation of a strong Inbound Marketing Strategy is a strong Inbound Content Strategy.? A good Inbound Marketing Consultant will tell you the secret to successfully developing qualified Inbound Marketing Leads is in developing compelling, SEO-enriched, relevant Content. This is Content that speaks the language of the targeted audience, your best prospects.

That purposeful content must provide the solutions to problems for which your Visitors are looking.? Your Inbound Marketing Strategy must include a CTA Plan (Call-To-Action Plan). This creates Conversions, methodically nurturing Visitors into becoming Leads and Leads into Customers.

So Let?s Ask Again:? Why Do You Have A Website??

 Inbound Marketing Strategy

Is Your Website
a Boat Anchor?

Is your website a boat anchor weighing down your business?s progress?

It can be the engine of an Inbound Marketing Conversion Machine capable of bringing you as many Qualified Inbound Leads as you can handle.? The decision is yours.

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