Internet Marketing System through Inbound Marketing. Don't play dominoes- build a conversion website instead.

Inbound Marketing ? The Internet Marketing System Game Changer

Build a Better Internet Marketing System

In today?s business world it’s a given that your website is essential to being in business. But just having a website isn?t enough anymore. ? An internet marketing system is the Game Changer.

And Inbound Marketing is the answer.

Internet Marketing System through Inbound Marketing. Don't play dominoes- build a conversion website instead.

Internet Marketing Systems connect consumers with your company.

Every consumer and prospective client expects every business to have a website. Two thirds of small businesses maintain a regular website and, 84% of ?businesses with revenues of $10-$500 million have a website (we thought that number would be even higher) .

What?s missing is a coordinated system of internet marketing strategies that turn that website into a Conversion Machine.

Conversion Machine as Part of Your Internet Marketing System

A properly built Conversion Machine is powered by your website. With a Conversion Machine you are:

  • Attracting-Have you utilized the latest Best Practices for keyword enrichment of your content to maximize search engine optimization?? How well does your current website use the precious real estate ?above the fold? on your Home Page?
  • Converting-Does your website have a Call To Action strategy?? Once a Visitor comes to your site is there a natural path of action steps for the different types of Visitors? (Information browsers versus comparison Shoppers versus Buyers right now)
  • Closing-Does your Internet Marketing System include a CTA strategy that converts leads into prospects and prospects into customers? Does your marketing provide better qualified leads for Sales?
  • Delighting-Does your Internet Marketing System include a follow-up process to keep your customers so happy you create loyal champions for your cause by inviting them for return website visits and referrals?

Internet Marketing Systems Include ALL Online Components

The design goes further to maximize all aspects of inbound marketing, including:

  • Paid Search to attract Visitors
  • Organic ranking on Google, Bing & Yahoo to attract Visitors
  • Content Strategyand creation to answer Visitors needs and convert to Leads
  • Software and Procedures for turning Leads into Sales
  • Analytics to continually and diligently monitor and adjust, resulting in more efficient marketing.

You Need Professional Help (Seriously)

Sometimes (although rarely) a company can perform all of this in-house. Most companies and organizations, however, ?will need the help of a professional Inbound Marketing company to objectively provide one or more of the above.

An Inbound Marketing System positions your business where the people who are interested in your products or services are looking.? This involves a combination of Search Engine Optimization Best Practices and comprehensive Content Strategy that work in tandem to attract and convert. This plan should be overlaid in everything written in your website, in your blog, in any email messaging strategies, and in any newsletters or other related marketing materials associated with your Internet Marketing System.

When you create an internet conversion system, where all of these parts work together rather than alone, you begin to create customer conversations that lead to ? sales.? Designing your ?internet conversion system properly and then consistently maintaining your system over a period of months & years, results in talking to more and more people who want to buy your most profitable products and services because you have developed at its best, a well-designed ?Internet Marketing System that converts ideal visitors into ideal customers.

The first step in creating an effective Internet Marketing System is to look under the hood at the engine. Start with a free website grader offered by many marketing firms, including here. ?Or you can look a little deeper by considering an Inbound Marketing Assessment. ?Don?t worry about your score at this point since most organizations haven?t yet converted their own websites into conversion machines.

By starting with an internet marketing strategy and then creating a system to connect the dots from consumer research to consumer purchase, you can carefully guide more and more Visitors to your website and convert them to Leads & Customers. ?Just having a website?isn’t?enough anymore.? Inbound Marketing is the Game Changer. You may want to consider investing in an internet marketing system before your competitors do.

Try our FREE website grader to see how you site stacks up.







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