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An Inbound Assessment measures Customer Attraction, Communication and Conversion.

Learn which of your online marketing efforts are winners. See where you fall short.

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What’s an Inbound Marketing Assessment?

Score Your Inbound Marketing

An inbound marketing website assessment measures  gaps in your website. So an Inbound Marketing Website Assessment is more like a Website Grader.

That’s a good start. But you may want to measure how your online marketing efforts connect with your website.  That’s where Einstein Inbound Marketing Assessment comes in.

You vs. Inbound KPIs

You can measure your Inbound Marketing efforts against Key Performance Indeces (KPIs).  A good assessment measures gaps between inbound marketing and conversion metrics. A holistic Inbound Marketing Website Assessment is deeper than a website grader. It  examines your website in more detail.

Einstein Measures Your Inbound I.Q.
  • Online goals
  • Inbound efforts
  • Keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Re-marketing efforts
  • Conversions

Einstein is a broader measurement than a website grader. It looks beyond the website. It examines all your Inbound Marketing efforts. Get pricing for a holistic Einstein Inbound Marketing Assessment here…

Inbound Marketing Website Assessment

Is your website designed as a static brochure or a conversion machine that attracts?

Inbound Marketing is a method of attracting and nurturing customers through the purchasing process. Examine your web content.  Are there gaps in your website content? Content volume? Content type?

Discover Online Marketing Gaps

An Einstein inbound marketing website assessment helps you discover gaps between your website and your online marketing initiatives. Use it to prioritize objectives. Then you can address and improve your online and inbound marketing efforts.

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Einstein Assessment™ Gives Smart Answers

Does Your Inbound Measure Up?

With an Inbound Assessment you will:
  • Know Your Website Attraction Factor
  • Compare Your Website vs. Competitors
  • Learn Your Customer Conversion Ratios
  • I.D. Workflow Gaps
  • See a Content/CTA “Feast & Famine” Report
  • Determine Your ROI
Inbound Marketing Assessment

Einstein looks for SEM & SEO that attracts. Einstein sees if your Content is created and organized to Inbound Marketing Best Practices.(Educate, Engage, Encourage and Embrace).

Diagnose Your Website and Your Inbound

Einstein also measures Website User Experience flow. The goal is to identify where you can reduce customer friction. User Friction impedes conversions and sales.

Einstein reports these conversion factors to help facilitate future Inbound Marketing Initiatives. These reports help you create a Conversion Machine. A well-designed Conversion Machine helps create a customer for life. Meet Einstein…

An Einstein Assessment Is Holistic

Consider a holistic inbound marketing assessment. It tells you where your online marketing efforts are paying off. It also shows where you fall short.

Ask Yourself:

Is your website built to attract?

Is it built to convert prospects to sales?

Are your interactive initiatives connected to your website?

Does your website encourage re-visits? Re-purchases?

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Inbound Marketing Website Assessment