Information Architecture Simplifies the Inbound Process

Inbound Sales Ideas

How to create a landing page that sells.

Here’s an Inbound Sales Idea: Open doors to prospective customers by creating landing pages that sell.

2?secrets to increasing Inbound Sales are:

  1. Knowing what a landing page is, and
  2. Designing landing pages to generate conversions.

Well, I guess now there?s a third thing you need to know:? What?s a ?conversion??

Website Conversion Architecture

A conversion is created when a website Visitor becomes a lead. A lead is when a Visitor interacts with your website in some manner, exchanging contact data for something of perceived value.? The ultimate conversion is a sale (Lead gives you money in exchange for product or service, becoming a Customer).

But every Visitor may not be ready to buy.? A conversion may occur through Visitors downloading a printable pdf, submitting an email address, or subscribing to a newsletter.? Conversions may occur through a survey, or by a Visitor scheduling free consultation and signing up for a free trial period.

Conversions can be used throughout the conversion website process of channeling a first time visitor to the ultimate goal of customer.

Controlled Navigaton

Inbound Sales Ideas-Create Landing Pages to Create ConversionsEver seen the slapstick comedies where there?s a long hallway with a whole lot of different doors?? The actors keep coming in and out of the different doors. The situation is laughable due to the confusion in that the characters never really get to where they want to be.? None of the doors ever lead to the right room.? Unfortunately, that?s how most websites are set up.? They?re laughable.

Is your website laughable & confusing?

Landing Pages Create Open Doors

A landing page is a side door to your website; a different portal of entry from your home page “front door.” ?It’s a one screen URL location that can only be reached by the Visitor entering a specific URL or clicking on a link from another internet location.

This URL is one that is different or perhaps a subset of your website address, but interestingly, it often is not accessible from your website?s home page or even anywhere on your website.? That is because a landing page?s purpose is to be a receptacle for only the visitors that you have sent there through external digital and traditional advertising or promotions.

Uniquely constructed landing pages are a component of Inbound Marketing. Matching customer needs with the product or service you’re eventually selling works. Why? Because you’ve begun to pre-qualify the Visitor by identifying (through your Landing Page content) where a Visitor is, which specific stage of the buying process they’re at.

Your Visitors already have a qualified level of interest simply because that external message has been crafted to send primarily only interested people. A Landing Page just opens the door quickly so a Visitor can get where they want to go more quickly.

Inbound Sales Idea-Landing Pages Lead to a Conversion or Sale

A landing page is not just another Home Page.? And while there may be a lot of specific entry doors to your website via landing pages, there are purposely NOT a lot of ?doors? on the Landing Page itself. This is different than most website pages.? Ideally there is only one door to a desired result.? This is the landing page ?door? you want the visitor to open and enter: the door that leads to a conversion.

Landing page design can be a difficult concept for some people to grasp. But once a prospect has opened a landing page ?door? to your website, you don?t want to confuse them by offering too many choices. Too many choices leads to confusion and frustration. Visitors will simply leave your site.

Inbound Sales Idea- Landing Page Design

The critical attributes of a well designed landing page:

Affirms?– I am in the right place.
Educates –Enough correctly targeted information to make the decision to take action.
Engages?– A Call to Action (CTA) that is compelling and naturally follows the Education step so that a Visitor offers contact information.
Converts –When Visitors come to your site, hit the home page and starting looking around, just count the number of ?doors? in your ?hallway.?? What if every visitor always chose the right door that led toward a sale?? That?s what a good landing page does when used to replace the Home Page entry door to your website.

Landing Pages are only one tool in the arsenal of Inbound Marketing strategies. Landing Pages are a component of Best Practices for Conversion Architecture.




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