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Increase Inbound Sales-The New Home Page

The New Home Page Powers Up Inbound Sales in the Inbound Marketing Era

So you?d like to kick those Inbound Sales up a notch or two, eh?? When was the last time you took a good look at your Home Page?

Is it optimized for conversion?

If you?re thinking ?Is it ?what-i-mized? for ?which-version?? then read on my friend.? It?s time to apply some common sense to what ails ya!

Pretty much since the concept of ?websites? began, the home page hasn?t changed very much. ?A pretty picture taking up most of the header, bunches and bunches of tabs for menu items, the standard ?About Us,? ?Services,? ?Team,? ?History,? ?Products,? etc. and lots of fluffy words about how long the company?s been in business and how honest everyone is?yawn.? On some sites, it?s obvious the belief is that the more things there are to click on, the better.? Cram it all in there, videos, not just one let?s do four or five. Links to everywhere.? Choices, choices and more choices all right there on the Home Page.

Inbound Sales Marketing Matters Inbound

Some Think The More
Choices The Better

What if we told you that the very best Inbound Sales performing website home pages actually had some of the fewest navigation options?? Think about it.

When visitors come to a website, you have about 15 seconds to capture their attention before they either:

  • Don?t see anything that confirms they are where they want to be so they move on?
  • Get frustrated because they don?t know what to do and leave?
  • Start reading; find out that what is written doesn?t pertain to what the topic is and skedaddle?
  • Simply don?t relate to what is presented because it is written over their heads so they exit stage left?
Inbound Sales Marketing Matters

Power Up Those Inbound Sales


If you want to power up?your Inbound Sales, the traditional header menu ?pretty? home page doesn?t cut it anymore.? Here are six things your home page MUST include if you expect to kick things up a notch:

1)????? Confirmation

Visitors need to know they?ve arrived in the place for which they were searching.? Your content must be relevant to the primary search criteria people would use to look for you, your products or your services.

2) ? Above the fold real estate

Don?t waste this valuable space.? Half the people who come to your site won?t scroll down.

3) ? Limited Options

You know what you want your visitors to do, so that is the only options you should give them.? It?s okay to educate, but do it on your terms.? This allows you to qualify your visitors as actually being valid.? This is where you create Inbound Marketing ?conversion? by getting them to trade small bits of their personal information for something of value to them: your knowledge.

4) ? CTA above the fold

A compelling Call-To-Action needs to be visible in the screen right when people arrive.? This can be a button for them to request more information be emailed to them or something as simple and obvious as a message to pick up the phone and call, but it needs to be ?above the fold.?

5) ?Content

People are coming to your website, not to read poetry, (unless you really are a poet) but to learn more about what interested them in the first place.? Make sure your home page Inbound Content Strategy?gives them what they want in terms they can understand.? Remember who you?re talking to.

6) ?USP

The Unique Selling Proposition we all know and love from years of advertising and selling is still an important tactic.? What makes you stand above your competition?? Make sure it?s on your home page.

If you want to find out whether your home page can use some help, try our FREE Website Grader:

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