Internet Marketing Packages

Internet Marketing Packages

Internet Marketing Packages Have Found New Legs in Inbound Marketing

When used properly, each different methodology such as email marketing, social media, pay-per-click advertising and other search engine marketing techniques, can play an important role in creating an effective overall Inbound Marketing strategy.

In early advertising it was common for print publications to expound on their products offering with as much information as possible so shoppers would have everything they need to come to a decision to buy.? Content was King.

From 1994, when Hotwire first sold banner ads to advertisers, until recently when blogging, tweeting and posting have emerged, internet marketing in banners and sidebars has closely followed the ?brief is better? style of print, television and radio advertising that developed as available time slots and ad space dictated shorter to-the-point messages.? You may say, ?But what about Tweeting, Facebook and other social media posting?? Those are short and to the point.? Yes, once referred to as the ?40 character? mentality, these venues started as ?briefs? but have now developed into ?share? platforms for more and more content from links, videos and downloadable reprints.? The 40 character message has simply become the vehicle for much longer and more detailed content sharing.

Today, the development of complex search engine dynamics using complicated algorithm spiders crawling over the millions of words on the web has brought the internet search process and the shopper back to the beginning.

Content has returned to the throne.?

Content is King.?

Long live the King!

The fact that information can be immediately published on the internet, has no geographical limits and can then be immediately modified when needed, entirely changes the way smart marketers should think.? The interruptive style of mass media advertising needs to be supplemented and transitioned to a focus on being able to be found by people who are searching for what you have to offer. ?The science of identifying who those people are, what keywords and phrases they are using for search is the foundation upon which Internet Marketing Packages need to be built.

According to, in 2011, $42 billion was spent on internet advertising. ?Ten years ago in 2001, that number was only $7.1 billion.? However, you don?t need to spend ?an arm and a leg? to take a run at an effective Internet Marketing strategy. ?An investment in the right kind of Internet Marketing Package that can return unbelievable results need only be a fraction of what it has traditionally cost to advertise in the interrupt mediums.

A strong Internet Marketing Package that integrates the various online tools into a conversion strategy centered on a website that is designed properly can overcome the pitfalls of depending on any one form of internet marketing to do the job alone. ?

In fact, don?t think of this as a website at all.

Think of it as a Conversion Machine.

The website is just the engine.? Management of all of the rest of the Internet Marketing Package tools, tactics and strategies make up the rest of the Conversion Machine.? ??The strategy is to be where people are looking, attract them to you, engage them, educate them, embrace them, then as you convert them and close the sale, delight them so they become your champion, returning again and again and referring you to others over and over.


Think of this as an investment in a super-sales-person who works 24/7, never asks for a day off, is the most knowledgeable of anyone in your organization and is always standing right where your future customers are already looking.? Inbound Marketing utilizing a smartly built Internet Marketing Package can return more on your investment than even the best of salespeople.? To learn more about Inbound Marketing and Internet Marketing Packages and Conversion Machines, click below.

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