Introducing Email to Your Contacts With Automation Software

Quick action with, or without, automation software?makes all the difference

You know what?s creepy? Stalking.

marketing automation systemIf you use a marketing automation software like Hubspot, you may have gotten the feeling that you?ve jumped the line from marketer to straight up creeper. I mean, yes, you know pretty much everything about your contact. Like their name, their location, their Twitter handle?what they?re shopping for.

From my experience, most clients that are starting with Hubspot have either failed at email marketing, or never even tried it before. So, once they have this shiny new toy they are more than ready to put it to full use.

I say?.take it easy. Even the world?s greatest athletes need to stretch before running ? and so do your contacts. Figuratively speaking of course!

  • If you are importing a contact list, I find it best to send an initial Welcome Email. These emails have very general content and explain what future materials they can expect. I find this helps reduce the opt outs going forward. While I don?t have data to back this conclusion up, I believe that people are ok with your behavior (in this case emails) if they know what to expect. Then, when I send emails with variable data, they aren?t creeped out. They know I am going to be sending ?personalized offers.?
  • If you are inbounding new leads, make sure they automatically receive a Thank You email through a workflow. Once again, this is essential! If you make your contacts, wait a day, a year, a month?they wonder where your email came from.

The moral of the story is when introducing contacts to email, make sure they are contacted within the first minutes of their interaction if possible. In most instances, the first person to contact a lead?will get the business. It sounds crazy but it?s true.

And, the chance of them buying reduces greatly every hour! So, waiting until tomorrow to reach out to your lead has cost you the lead! You need start nurturing asap.

Some people may say automation software is creepy, but they clearly aren?t nurturing their leads correctly! If you want to learn more about Marketing Automation Software, check out eBook below. It covers all of the major systems including Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot and Eloqua. And don?t just take our word for it, the Marketing Automation Systems eBook is full of real user reviews!

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