Is Your SEO Agency Deep Enough?

Your SEO Agency Should Understand Conversion

-Is your company dying a slow death at the hands of your SEO agency???You could say the old business adage ?change or die? has evolved into ?optimize or die.? ?Some business people are?beginning?to embrace Inbound Marketing Strategies, but no one needs convincing when it comes to the value of Search Engine Rankings (SER). The only way to improve your SER is with SEO. ?And there?s one thing most businesses understand about?Search Engine Optimization:

SEO Agency

It’s Complicated!


It?s complicated.

Rather than spend time becoming an SEO expert, most businesses make the wise decision to find an SEO agency to handle the job. However, when it comes to selecting the right Search Engine Optimization Agency, one of the most simple but important questions you need to answer may be:

Is your SEO Agency deep enough?

According to?Inc., SEO can be broken down into three basic elements:

Basic Elements of SEO

? ? ? ? ? 1. Keywords

? ? ? ? ? 2. Keyword Density

? ? ? ? ? 3. Link Building

One could argue that identifying keywords, determining the proper keyword density and building links to your home page are the easy part. In fact, if you had the time, you could probably do this on your own. However, after completing these processes you would have a very shallow SEO that only extends to your home page.

Although basic linking is important for SEO, most websites don?t sell products or services from their home page. As a result, you probably won?t get very far with shallow SEO, and this is where SEO gets complicated. The difference between a bad SEO Agency and a great SEO Agency is the ability to improve your SER throughout your site, by focusing on the quality and number of deep links per page.

The Benefits of Deep Linking

According to?SEO Journal?there are three main benefits to deep linking.

Deep links:

1. Raise your website?s authority. The term authority refers to the ability of each single page within your website to rank well in search results. With deep linking each page on your website can have the ability to rank well in SER.

2. Increase your site?s relevancy. One of the most important goals of a search engine is to deliver relevant content to users. Each page in your website, (including your homepage) can only be optimized for a certain amount of content. By optimizing your internal pages for additional keywords you take advantage of the opportunity to expand your website?s reach with relevant content.

3. Increase your site?s visibility. Deep links create a path to the internal pages within your site and help search engines find these ?hidden pages?.


SEO Agency

Not Too Deep!

Beware of Going Too Deep?

Although there are numerous benefits to deep linking, which according to?Search Engine Land?include increased traffic, lower bounce rates and better usability, there are also scenarios when deep linking should be avoided.

For instance, a great SEO agency will know that link equity should not be wasted on lower quality pages within your website. Causing search engines to crawl too deeply within your site can result in increased indexing time and unnecessary costs.

Your site?s deep linking strategy should include tactics which prevent search engines from indexing lower quality pages.

What Makes a Great SEO Agency Great?

A great SEO agency will help you get started on your deep link building strategy by conducting a comprehensive website analysis that includes an Inbound Link Audit.

After optimizing your internal pages, a great SEO Agency will focus on linking your websites key internal pages to other relevant internal pages and creating links from outside websites that lead back to your key internal pages.

A great SEO Agency will understand and implement strategic deep link building tactics that lower visitor bounce rates, improve page views, and increase your conversion rates.


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