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There was a time when the words “email marketing” were synonymous with “Constant Contact.”? No surprise:? they were once the leader in the email marketing space.?This is no longer the case.? ?Constant Contact has been losing market share for some time.? Here’s why.

hubspot agency demo emailPricing:? Constant Contact is one of the most expensive email marketing services.? In addition to a basic monthly fee, they’re known for nickel and diming their customers.? ??Free image hosting is limited to only five images; to store additional files, you must pay extra.? There are also additional fees for email archiving, survey creation, creation of web forms and event management resources.? In short, nearly every add-on is going to cost you more money.

Billing:? Former Constant Contact customers cite unclear, inflexible or even downright shady billing practices as a reason for choosing another vendor.? Many find that they’re billed double the price they were originally quoted; others say that they were continued to be billed even after canceling their subscription.

Lack of customization:? Constant Contact offers many standard email templates for users to choose from.? This is great if you can find a template that works well with your branding, and you don’t want or need to highly customize your email.? More sophisticated users will want to be able to upload and use their own HTML templates.? Constant Contact makes this way more complicated than necessary.

No A/B testing: ?A/B split testing allows you to create two versions of an email, split your list into segments, and see which version performs better.? It’s a great tool to learn more about what captures the attention of your audience.? Unfortunately, Constant Contact doesn’t offer this service.

Automation:? Constant Contact claims to offer marketing automation tools, but most experts don’t even count them among marketing automation providers.? They may be good at email blasts, but when it comes to drip campaigns, lead nurturing, and conversion, they’re way behind the curve.

Clearly, the smart marketer can do better than Constant Contact.? HubSpot’s email tool is the answer.? HubSpot will help you generate new leads, automate your marketing to sales process, provide you with meaningful and easy to generate analytics, and demonstrate the ROI of your campaigns.? Best of all, you’ll save valuable time that you can invest in other important marketing tasks.

Would you like to see better results from your email marketing?? ?The solution is right at your fingertips.? Click the button below to sign up for a HubSpot agency demo.

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