I’ve Used a Web Grader. Now What?

When you use a Web Grader, you’ll get an overall score for your website, along with the HubSpot website score. Though it’s natural to look to these general ratings first, these aren’t the?numbers that will be most useful in making the most of the assessment to optimize your website.

Attract, Nurture, Convert and Assess

Making the most of your site means thoroughly working each of four steps:

  • Attract prospects to your website
  • Nurture those prospects to move them along the sales funnel
  • Convert those prospects to customers
  • Assess analytics to understand which pages, forms, calls to action and other elements are most successful and adjust accordingly

If just one of those steps falls short, it can break the whole system. For example, you may attract thousands of prospective customers to your website and then engage and nurture them with email campaigns, social media engagement and premium content. But, if you don’t convert those prospects to customers, the resources you’ve invested in the first two steps are largely wasted.

Thus, a low score in any of the four areas can indicate a critical problem with your process as a whole.

Making the Most of Your Web Grader Report

When you receive your Web Grader report, don’t just look at the overall ratings. Take advantage of your gap report and the optional free 30-minute follow-up conversation. Honing in this way will allow you to fill the gaps and create an online marketing strategy that is strong and consistent throughout.

When making adjustments:

  • Start where your website is most broken. Knowing that any gap in the path can derail the entire nurturing and conversion process, it makes sense to begin by building bridges where there are gaps that could stop a prospect cold. Eventually, of course, you’ll want to improve all of your weak areas. Starting with the largest gap is simply the quickest way to minimize the drop-off and improve the bottom line.
  • Measure results to assess the success of your improvements. Often, finding the optimal combination of elements requires testing variations. When you make changes based on your Web Grader report, be sure to make good use of your analytics to measure the results and adapt again, if necessary. Website optimization is an ongoing process.
  • Get the help you need. Beginning with our free 30-minute follow-up call, get the expert insights you need to make the most of your website assessment, whether that means getting outside help with your SEO to draw visitors to your site, tweaking your forms and calls to action to stimulate initial conversion, creating quality content to build relationships with your prospects or identifying and implementing the right assessment tools.

If your website isn’t performing as well as it could, if you’re missing opportunities to draw in and convert new business, you’re not alone. More than 90% of business websites under-perform. That dismal statistic is actually good news for you: having used the Web Grader, you’re already one step ahead of the pack. Systematic improvement in the weak areas of your website will move you into a highly competitive position at every stage of the process. Get started with your own Web Grader now by clicking the button on this page.

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