Key Trends in the Marketing Automation Software Industry

Marketing Automation Software Then and Now

– Marketing Automation Software has become a divisive concept for many business executives. As increasing numbers of businesses are using it, the question of if Marketing Automation Software is right for your businesses has become more and more important.

To put it simply, Marketing Automation (MA) Software is a service that brings an effective multi-platform (think web, snail mail, e-mail, and SMM) marketing scheme to businesses to generate leads and revenue.

While there are plenty of advantages that make MA Software an enticing option for businesses of all size, this industry is changing blurringly fast, and effective Marketing automation software looks substantially different from years ago.

A trip back in time…

Pretend it is 2005 again. MA Software still exists and has a prominent role, but the actual services look drastically different from today. The “big three” methods used by MA Software were direct face-to-face contact, mailings, and the usage of call centers.

There was no need to whittle down a company’s undifferentiated base of names, as just by sending out mailings and calling was unique enough to give this company an advantage. Even if they wanted to save money by targeting the best audience, back in 2005 information on customers was sorely lacking compared to today.

Back to the now.

The internet has truly accelerated the progress of MA Software. While the company described above would possibly have seen success in 2005, in 2014 this is a sorely outdated strategy.

The speed of the internet combined with the heaps of data available to business on their customers and their campaigns have helped marketers become more informed on effective methods.

marketing automation software

The vertical sectors of technology, business services, retail, and financial services have dominated the MA market and account for approximately 75% of the market in 2013

Businesses have observed this and are more aware than ever. The Marketing Automation Software field is anticipated to become nearly a $2 billion market according to a posting from CMS Wire.

The vertical sectors of technology, business services, retail, and financial services have dominated the MA market and account for approximately 75% of the market in 2013.

As this whitepaper from SAS International demonstrates, a business owner or marketing director that is committed to fully implementing Marketing Automation Software for all its uses is the only way to still have success against an unprecedented level of competition.

SAS International’s paper outlines the broad Marketing Automation Software process of planning an effective campaign, targeting “tightly defined markets,” acting on those plans with comprehensive marketing from all platforms, and finally learning to make the next campaign that much better.

Is Marketing Automation Software right for you?

This is a tough question that has no blanket answer. In a theoretic manner, many businesses seem perfect for MA, but in reality, they fall short on their desired ROI. Marketing Automation Software requires time, effort, and money from the business to see the desired results.

The three biggest concerns to consider as potential hurdles to successful implementation of Marketing Automation Software are a tight budget, lack of trained employees, and a diluted or small customer database.

Good Inbound Marketing features comprehensive solutions that refuse to limit themselves to one method of communication. The best MA software combines data from all ports — your website, blog, social media accounts, and more — to concentrate your efforts on the most potentially profitable customers.

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