Landing Page Design: Side Entries to Your Website

10 Landing Page Design Tips to Generate Inbound Sales

– With proper Landing Page Design, landing pages as side-entries to your website can become valuable business assets in generating?Inbound Sales. ?Is your website designed to generate Inbound Sales?? If you don?t, we recommend you try our Free Website Grader before you get started so you can compare the results once you?re finished.? Only makes sense, doesn’t it?

Old School

Landing Page DesignFor decades the common mentality in navigating the internet has been a ?front door? policy.? That?s where everybody comes in the front door or what we call the home page.

There?s nothing special about it anymore.? Who knows which Visitor’s going to knock next? ?What are they expecting?

Once a Visitor enters, the typical home has a hallway that allows them to go anywhere in the house. ?That’s how most home pages are. ?Since there?s so many choices, the visitor is often not sure precisely where to go.

Especially if they’ve never been ?to your website before.

New Thinking

Now think about this.? The only people who come in the side door to your house are special people who you?ve invited: perhaps a friend or someone with an appointment.? Coming in the side door is special.?? You usually know who comes in and they know why they are there.

That side door usually opens directly into one room that has a definite purpose, like the kitchen. ?Think of Landing Pages as side doors to your website.

  • You have invited them in.
  • Their choices are limited.
  • They feel they are expected.
  • They came for one very special reason.

According to a Hubspot study, websites with over 40 landing pages got 12 times more leads than those with only 1 to 5 landing pages.? Each of those landing pages represented a side door into that organization?s website with a single purpose… ? ?to create leads.

Landing Page Design Best Practices

Landing Page Design

10 Best Practices

Here are 10 Best Practice Guidelines for building effective Landing Pages:

1. Write clear, compelling, concise, headlines

Include the type of offer and a name for the offer that is clear to understand.? Make sure the action required to get the offer is crystal clear.

2. Explain the offer?s value?

Explain how this specific offer will benefit them in a compelling way in 2-3 sentences, 5 max.? Why would a Visitor give you their information? ?Your Landing Page Design must explain how you offer benefits them.

3. Use Bullet Points

Explain a few benefits (not features) to the visitor using 3-5 bullet points that they will receive from downloading the offer. Your click-thru rate will be higher.

4. Create a brief form

3-7 fields, the form length should equal the value of the offer. ?Only ask for what is needed for the next marketing phase.

5. Visible Calls-to-Action

Landing pages are often device responsive. Make sure the CTA is clearly visible in the first screen before the visitor has to scroll down.

6. No links or menu navigation

Navigation and links will negatively impact the primary goal of your Landing Page Design which is Conversion. Remember, your Visitor came for the offer, remove all distractions and you’ll generate Leads.

7. Include a relevant image

Visually communicate the type of offer and its value.? The image should clearly depict what the visitor/lead to be will receive.

Landing Page Design

Perform the Blink Test

8. Perform the ?Blink Test?

Visitors decide in 5-8 seconds if they will submit their information.? Does your Landing Page Design communicate the value of the offer and required action in less than 8 seconds?? Test your landing page on coworkers, friends and/or family.? Display the landing page for 5-8 seconds.


  • What was the Offer?
  • What was the Benefit of the Offer?
  • What Action is required?



9. Redirect to a Thank You Page

Generating Leads is the end game for your Landing Page Design, but it?s not the marketer?s end game.? Delivering the offer on the thank you page allows for an optimal user experience.

10. Include Social Media Share icons

Allow visitors to promote your offer without ever leaving your landing page (when appropriate).? Visitors will have the opportunity to share your landing page with their social media network(s) of choice.

Multiple Side Door Mentality

If your Landing Page Design is created with the above factors in mind, you will see a marked increase in your conversion rates.? Good Inbound Website Architecture relies on multiple landing pages; 15 to 20 is not unusual.? The more side-entries, the better.

If you would like to learn more about Landing Page Design, download our Free e-Book:

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