Law Firm Marketing: The Art of Attracting Clients

Law Firm Marketing: It is An Art

Law Firm MarketingChances are, your firm already uses some kind of advertising, whether it’s billboards, newspapers, radio or television ads. Many law firms have either cancelled or reduced their Yellow Pages ad, with good reason.

You may think traditional media is enough, but if you’re relying on old-school marketing methods, your lead generation probably needs a boost. Traditional media still works with varying degrees of success, but today you are likely getting less value for your marketing dollar.

The solution? Complement your traditional marketing investment with??Inbound Marketing.

Online Law Firm Marketing. Why Use It?

If a potential client has an issue – whether personal injury related or medical malpractice suits – they will typically try to educate themselves with a few web searches before determining their course of action.

Naturally, you’ll want your firm to be that course of action, and Inbound Marketing can connect those pieces for you.

Use of particular keywords and phrases?in quality Content posted on your website will tap into the forward momentum of those web searches, offering your law firm as a natural solution and striking while the proverbial iron is hot. The web has conditioned browsers to “click here” to get answers and solve issues, which means that the behavior is already there for you to take advantage of – all you need is the right positioning and Content.

Why Web-Based Law Firm Marketing is Better

Most non-Internet advertising methods are an “Either/Or”?conundrum.

  • Commercials capture attention, but contact information is easily forgotten.
  • Paper ads have clear contact information, but lack compelling visuals & prospective client interaction.
  • Radio ads catch a captive audience, but suffer from being “tuned out” among many other ads.

Inbound Marketing takes leads that are already primed for conversion and hits them with a triple threat of visuals, interactive Content and clickable contact information for your law firm. In addition, web pages are seen with active eyes 24 hours a day, ensuring a steady stream of inquiring clients through your doors. In short, you’r allowing a prospective client to seek answers out on their terms and their time-frame. Your firm is simply there to provide the information and be the natural solution for their specific need.

Flexibility with Internet Law Firm Marketing

One of the best benefits in web-based marketing is the unparalleled flexibility of the format.

Say your firm is bringing in a new partner that specializes in Personal Injury cases, a specialty that your firm had not previously handled. Your new lawyer is talented and ready to work, but you aren’t sure how to get the word out and start gathering clients.

If you’d been using Inbound Marketing, a quick keyword tweak here or there would broadcast your new partner’s presence online, grabbing searchers and lining up potential clients shortly after debuting. A few paragraphs of content on your new partner’s skills and the addition of a short biography to your website, seeded with a few keyword phrases, will help lift the visibility of your entire firm and put you ahead of the competition. Add in Content produced in the voice-of-customer and your new partner becomes the obvious choice.

Perception: Law Firm Marketing Helps

Lacking prior experience in your firm’s expertise, a potential client only has your image to go on. A nicely-furnished lobby and a corporate dress code are a few of the ways to win over these on-the-fence clients, but having a tech-savvy presence will win over many more because you’re going to have more Visitors to your website than you’ll ever have at your office. Or, at least, you should.

Properly executed law firm marketing using the Internet will convince even the most wary client that your services are trustworthy and up-to-date. In an industry where new clients can quickly shift their attention to a competitor, every effort helps, and inbound marketing helps a great deal more.

If your firm has been struggling to see a high return of investment on your advertising dollars, the time has come to look to the web for better marketing solutions. Use these new techniques for law firm marketing and put yourself at the head of the pack, and soon you’ll have a full schedule of clients with many more on the way.

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