Law Firm Marketing: Why a Good Website Means More Clients

The Stats Are There, Consumers Are Searching For You

If your website isn?t a cornerstone of your law firm marketing, you?re missing important opportunities. While the legal profession has been characteristically slow to embrace digital marketing outlets and take full advantage of?Inbound Marketing Strategies, your prospective client base isn?t showing the same reluctance.

Law Firm Marketing | WebsitesThe Research Intelligence Group?s 2012 Attorney Selection Research Study revealed that 76% of U.S. consumers seeking an attorney used online resources in their searches. That puts online research on a par with personal referrals when it comes to individuals seeking legal services.

YP?s Local Insights Digital Report for the first half of 2013 confirmed the popularity of online search for legal services: legal services were among the top five local web search categories for that time period.

In short, Americans in need of legal services are looking for those services online.? The quality of your law firm website determines how many of those prospective clients will see your website and learn about your law firm. It?s also an important factor in determining how many of those visitors turn into leads, and how many leads convert to paying clients.

Making Your Legal Website a Cornerstone of Your Law Firm Marketing?

Your law firm marketing plan should be multi-faceted, but your firm website can serve as a home base for all of your marketing efforts. The key reasons a high-quality law firm website will help build your legal practice include:

  • A well-formulated and well-constructed website draws new visitors to your site, educating your prospective client base about your firm. Following search engine optimization (SEO) best practices and building out a site rich in relevant Content helps draw Visitors and increase Leads. HubSpot?s recent Marketing Benchmarks from 7000+ Businesses showed a positive correlation between the number of website pages and both traffic and leads. In other words, the more pages of content your website contains, the more Visitors you?ll receive and the greater the number of Leads resulting.
  • Solid website content builds confidence, making it more likely that a visitor will be comfortable contacting you. Since the majority of consumers now conduct research before reaching out to a company or service provider, the decision-making process is well underway before you ever get to speak with a Prospect. Your website is your opportunity to introduce yourselves and sell your expertise during that preliminary phase when you won?t be able to interact with the prospect directly.

Prospective clients are searching for legal services online. By investing in your law firm website, you can create an advantage for your law firm.

On the other hand, if your website isn?t an integral part of your law firm marketing plan, you?re handing that advantage to whichever competitor decides to take digital marketing seriously and give those Prospects the access and information they?re looking for.

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