Lawyer Marketing: 9 Ways to Boost Your Law Firm SEO Efforts

Lawyer Marketing Gets Easier When Utilizing SEO

lawyer marketing

76% of consumers find attorneys using online resources.

– The first point of contact for a law firm used to be the telephone. Now your lawyer marketing hub is your website.

Most new clients research your firm through your website before requesting a consultation. In fact, 76% of consumers find attorneys using online resources.

Strong SEO practices help optimize your presence?as well as help your firm remain relevant to former and current clients.

1. Optimize your Website.

Body text is not the only place to use keywords. Use keywords in page titles, headlines, URLs, and image tags. Many people focus on the body text without considering headlines and other elements.

This step begins when you are building your website. Starting off with good SEO practices and a good website build helps tag keywords correctly and bring traffic to your website.

2.? Include Attorney Biographies.

Use keywords from landing page content and blogs in attorney biographies. This allows specific attorney expertise to be accessible through search engines as well.

3.? Connect your Services with Current Events.

“Newsjacking” is a lawyer marketing technique where a firm connects their services to a current event. For example, a personal injury firm may post a blog article on speeding that links to a celebrity car crash.

Supreme Court decisions, business developments, or human interest stories all make compelling content for lawyer marketing?through newsjacking. Linking to these events presents your firm as being in touch which further attracts visitors and nurtures leads.

4.? Employ Multimedia.

Videos and other multimedia also appear in search engines and often first. They present information in an easily digestible format making it very popular with consumers.? Multimedia should be part of any lawyer marketing strategy.

Multimedia presents a firm as approachable and is a lively way to show expertise. For example, family law firms can consider a video that walks potential clients through a child support calculation. Showing that you can adjust your presentation can help you stand out in a market that is often intimidating to consumers.

5.? Connect with Social Media.

Social media helps with firm accessibility online. You can use it to share firm news, announce new content, and highlight any information helpful to clients. Think of it as a constant line of lawyer marketing?communication that connects you to new clients and keeps connections with former and current clients.

6.? Use Analytical Tools to Keep Content Strong.?

Inbound marketing analysis helps preserve your website’s success. Content that was successful in lawyer marketing efforts one year may not be as successful the next year.? Tools like the Website Grader and Einstein Inbound Marketing Assessment offer a good insight on your website’s ability to attract paying clients.

7.? Keep Former Clients in your Loop.

Some lawyer marketing tactics can arise from former clients. Encourage former clients to follow your developments and refer you to their connections. Share information about social media pages and consider sending occasional emails regarding developments affecting them. SEO not only attracts clients but can also build a strong following.

8.? Go Beyond the Blog.

White papers, press releases, research studies, and publications in online and paper journals bring traffic to your page. Highlight these with keywords, links, and on social media. Any credited material will only enhance lawyer marketing.

9.? Network?Online as well as In-Person.

Many think of networking as a person-to-person matter. Involvement in online forums is also a form of networking.? You can post links to your content and join discussions showing your expertise.? Be careful as ethical rules may consider such discussion representation.

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