Lawyer Marketing: Is Your Marketing Driving Engagement?

Lawyer Marketing: It’s personal

– In today’s world, where clients increasingly?expect more for less, your ability to engage your audience has never mattered more. And there’s no better place to start the conversation than on your website.

More than any other tool in your marketing arsenal, your website has the power to transform small talk into something meaningful, long lasting and, most importantly, profitable.

From the coffee klatsch to Twitter:?the evolution of the conversation

lawyer marketingMost lawyer marketing used to take place over a pot of coffee, with word-of-mouth testimonials serving as the primary generator of Leads. Friends in need of legal services would ask their friends, family or business associates who the best lawyers were–and they’d be referred to attorneys who had worked with those friends, family and business associates. No questions asked.

Today, the Lawyer Marketing conversation has moved from the cafe to social media. People in need of a lawyer log on to Twitter and Facebook, looking for links to websites of lawyers with expertise in the legal issues in which they need help.

Sure, their friends and family still give them referrals and suggestions, but the suggestions come in the form of tiny URLs–and that’s when your website needs to be optimized to turn the Visitors into Leads into bonafide clients. In other words, your website needs to be a Conversion Machine.

Content Marketing Strategy: creating an authentic, strategic conversation

To engage your Prospects with Lawyer Marketing–to truly engage them–your website needs to meet three of their primary needs:

1) It needs to meet their desire to actively conduct research.

2) It needs to meet their need for factual information about your services.

3) It needs to make it easy for them to procure your services.

In other words, you need to have a clear Content Marketing Strategy that presents the right information to the right people at the right time. It’s no longer enough to simply post lawyer bios and your phone number on your website. You need to truly engage people. Because if you don’t, there’s another law firm with another website–a website that’s only a click away–that will. You not only need to sell your services and brand, you need to sell your content.

In the end, Lawyer Marketing is really about Content Marketing

You have expertise in various areas of the law. People in cyberspace have a thirst for your expertise. The trick to effective Lawyer Marketing is getting your expertise in front of the people in cyberspace.

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This means having a blog, being on Twitter, encouraging current clients to post kind words about your firm on their social media pages. It also means designing a website that walks Prospects through your site, step-by-step, until they finally decide to hire you as their lawyer.

But more than anything, Lawyer Marketing?means striking a personal tone.

How a Content Marketing Firm can help with Lawyer Marketing

Lawyers are critical thinkers, excellent writers and creative problem solvers. If they had the time, many would make outstanding marketers. The problem is that most lawyers don’t have the time to think critically about Lawyer Marketing, much less write it and figure out how to market it on Facebook, Twitter and the myriad other social media platforms.

Luckily, Inbound Marketing Firms help with Lawyer Marketing. They think critically, write well and know how to put the right message on the right platform at the right time. And they can do it in your voice–a voice that creates a very personal conversation with prospective clients and drives them to your website.

For more information on Inbound Marketing, download our Beginner’s Guide to Inbound Marketing:

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