Lawyer Marketing: Key Marketing Metrics to Track in 2014

Lawyer Marketing: Metrics to Track in 2014

lawyer marketing– Inbound Marketing strategies vary in their efficacy across different industries. Lawyer marketing demands a level of knowledge and professionalism than other industries, particularly with respect to inbound marketing.

That said, Inbound Marketing is not the only facet that deserves special attention with respect to lawyer marketing. The average business tracks manhours, payroll, profit, revenue and ROI. Such metrics afford those in the business of lawyer marketing little to no indication as to how their firm is performing.

The Internet

One of the best places to begin tracking the metrics that matter most in lawyer marketing is the internet. This is because the internet affords users not only a host of tools by which to measure such metrics, but complete transparency over the lawyer marketing sales cycle, from the acquisition of prospects to payment processing.

Metrics to Track in 2014


lawyer marketingLawyer marketing demands more calls-to-action than any other type of advertising. If your call-to-action invites visitors to enter their personal information in exchange for information about your product or service, or a discount, invites them to pay for your product or service, or to sign up for an account of some sort, it will have a conversion rate.

Monitor your conversion rate daily. It will tell you which types of blog posts earn you the most signups, which messages earn you the most email captures, and which cases are generating the most interest. The more you know about what sells, the more you know about which aspects of your advertising campaign are turning a profit, the more you can tailor your advertising campaign to meet the needs of your target audience.

Page-Views Per Visit

This is an important metric to track because it tells you if your visitors took an interest in the content appearing on your Homepage. If your visitors were impressed by the first blog post, they are liable to click from post to post until they come across the call to action that entices them to sign up, or to finally turn away, unimpressed by the viewing experience.

Ultimately, the more page-views you have per visit, the more interesting and engaging your content is liable to be. Monitor these numbers, as they can tell you which content is performing well, and which content you might consider switching out with something else.

Repeat Visitors

This can tell you whether or not your blogs are engaging enough for readers to follow. The more repeat visitors you have, the more engaging and enticing your posts are. Your objective is to keep visitors coming back looking for more blog posts. Those who do not sign up or schedule a consultation the first time around may be apt to so on their second or third visit, depending on how convincing your posts are.

Lawyer marketing is about professional representation. As always, ensure that your posts are relevant to your target audience, and that they represent your firm in a way that appeals to your target audience. The more repeat visitors you have, the higher your conversion is apt to be.

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