Lawyer Marketing Solutions: How Social Media Attracts Clients

Lawyer Marketing Plans Should Include Social Media

Traditional Lawyer Marketing efforts have typically included Yellow Pages ads, billboards, media advertising and direct mail campaigns. While these methods were effective at one point, the internet has created a new marketing environment that most industries have found to be far more effective and cost-efficient than traditional marketing models.

Internet marketing continues to gain popularity, and with the increasing use of social media by consumers, it is only natural for businesses to use it as a marketing platform. While most lawyer marketing incorporates some internet marketing tactics, it is clear that many Law firms are under utilizing this powerful marketing tool.

Lawyer Marketing | RelationshipsIt’s About Relationships

Today’s marketing is all about relationships. Competition within industries is fierce, and savvy consumers have many resources that allow them to block intrusive marketing tactics such as telemarketing and even media advertising.

When consumers go looking for a service, they often go to the internet first. Having a slick-looking website is great, however, if that is the only internet tool that you are using, you are missing out on potential clients.

Social media allows you to connect with consumers in a way that is unprecedented and almost impossible to achieve with traditional advertising.

Setting up social media accounts on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter can allow you to reach out and connect with current and potential leads, enabling you to build your business.

Produce Results

So how does a social media campaign allow lawyer marketing to produce results? How do you run a successful campaign? How do you know if it is working?

The answers are Engagement, Content?and Analytics. These three things, when used effectively, can drive your practice to the next level. Let’s look at each one:

  • Engagement: When you use social media to engage with current and potential clients, you are developing relationships. You are not using your page as a forum for aggressive selling tactics. You are reaching out and offering value. You are responding to readers comments and questions. You are offering information and resources that your followers will find valuable and that will give them solutions to their problems. This is where content comes in.
  • Content is the meat and potatoes of your Internet Marketing Strategy. Providing useful, Engaging and informative Content on your websites, blogs and social media pages is the key to building a following and generating the Leads you need.
  • Analytics: There are a ton of tools available out there that can allow you to track the success and effectiveness of your social media efforts. With analytic tools, you can determine if your Content, timing and Engagement is hitting the mark, or if it needs to be overhauled. Analytics allow you to know fairly quickly what works and what doesn’t.

Another benefit to social media marketing is the level at which you not only generate Leads, but also referrals. The internet takes word-of-mouth advertising to a whole new dimension.

The Beauty of Social Media and Lawyer Marketing

The ability to share Content within and across multiple platforms means that your clients can promote your practice on their social networks through “liking” your page, sharing your informative Content, reblogging and “retweeting.” This is the beauty of social media marketing.

In order for this to be effective, it must be done consistently. While this doesn’t involve the huge monetary investment associated with traditional advertising tactics, it does require an investment of time.

Many businesses choose to outsource their social media marketing, which can be a time-saving solution. Today’s marketing is social, and you need to be too.

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