Lawyer Marketing Solutions: Tips to Convert Visitors to Clients

Lawyer Marketing Solutions: Don’t Waste Your Time

lawyer marketing | wasting timeMarketing is great when it works, and it might be one of the biggest wastes of money when it doesn’t work.

One of the biggest hurdles of lawyer marketing is turning the people who visit your website into actual Clients. This is, of course, what marketing is really all about.

If the goal was to simply let people know that you and your firm exist, then a billboard or mailers would suffice, but the goal of any marketing campaign is turning Leads into Clients. Without Leads there are no Clients, and without Clients, there are no cases and revenue, so turning Leads into Clients is essentially what your business relies on.

From Visitors to Clients

There are quite a few different ways that website visitors can become Leads and then Clients, but it all depends on what you are offering.

Obviously, if you are a personal injury lawyer and someone looking for directions to a hospital comes to your website, the chances of turning that visitor into a client is slim. The first way to convert more Visitors into Clients is by utilizing internet marketing best practices which will enable you to place your website in front of the visitor who is looking for a personal injury lawyer. Through proper internet marketing you ensure that your website is optimized for the correct type of visitor.

Search Engine Optimization

This not only minimizes the amount of accidental traffic to your site, but also draws in the exact type of clientele you are looking for. This optimization can be done in several ways. There is search engine optimization, SEO, where your website is geared to draw people in through their search terms on any of the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo).

This does not mean that your website is just a jumble of keywords, since that can actually push it down the list on the search engine results page. Rather, it means that your website is filled with useful Content that contains the keywords that you want people to find your website by. This quality, engaging Content is part of what is now called “Inbound Marketing“.

Website Optimization

Another excellent way to convert website Visitors to Clients is by having an efficient, optimized website, another part of Inbound Marketing. This doesn’t mean it has to be expensively designed, or that it has to be flowery and filled with lots of aesthetically pleasing things.

It means that your website has to be functional for what you want it to do, as well as what visitors expect it to do. Your website should attract people, keep them on your pages, and gather their information. Constant activity on a website is one of the best ways to help this process.

A blog, frequent updates, and maintenance are all great ways to keep the cobwebs from collecting on your website and driving potential clients away. Blogs are also a great place for lots of keywords to be placed (which enhances your Search Engine Marketing efforts (SEM).

The Conversion

So, you have a Lead that is now on your website because they want to be there and they have a reason to be there. This is a great first step for client and case generation (through improved lawyer marketing).

However, getting them from your website into your office takes a couple more steps. First, you need their information. You need their information not only so that you can contact them, but also because any information they give you can help your marketing.

How can you capture a lead’s information? Simple, give them something of value in exchange for their information. Whether it’s a free consultation or an infographic on the payout for personal injury cases – ask for their information in a form located on a landing page.

This turns them from a random data point into a potential Client. They are now about one step away from actually coming into your office, which is great for you since you know that your website now benefits the people who are on it and generates real leads.

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