Lawyer Marketing Solutions: Why Inbound?

The Best Lawyer Marketing Incorporates Inbound Marketing

In the past, lawyer marketing campaigns relied on using a solid reputation to gain word-of-mouth referrals. This was promoted with a few outbound advertising tools such as newspaper ads, Yellow Pages listings, and other printed materials.

While outbound marketing methods still have their place, lawyer marketing using Inbound Marketing methods are proving to be a more cost-effective way to generate leads, and to turn more of those leads into clients.

lawyer Marketing | ReferralWhat is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing uses techniques to reach out to customers when they’re looking for you. This can be accomplished using blogs, optimized conversion websites, social media marketing, and other online content.

For lawyer marketing, you want to capture the market of people that are in need of representation and turn to the internet for help. When they type “lawyer [NAME OF CITY HERE]” or a longer keyword search phrase into a search engine, it’s your firm that needs to show up. If a client gives your name to their neighbor when asked for a referral, what will that prospect see when they visit your website?

The focus is not advertising

Advertisements still have a role to play in a well-developed marketing campaign.

However, Inbound Marketing is not the same as advertising. The focus of Inbound Marketing is the Prospect, not you. It is used to reach out to the client, bolster your reputation, provide information, and to begin building trust before you ever make contact in person.

Lawyer marketing campaigns that rely on advertisements are not as effective as they used to be. Telling people who you are and what you do when they don’t need a lawyer won’t bring you enough clients. Providing strategic, useful, and educational information to people that need a knowledgeable advocate will.

Why choose Inbound methods for lawyer marketing?

  • Provides answers. Inbound Marketing gives potential clients the answers they are looking for as soon as they ask the question. When people turn to the internet with legal questions, it’s your answers you want them to find.
  • Builds trust. Before you ever meet a client face-to-face, you’ve already begun building your reputation by showcasing your expertise, giving helpful advice, and providing useful educational information.
  • Empowering. By providing access to information on different types of cases, reviews and referrals, and information on legal processes and terms, clients will feel like they’re making an educated decision rather than picking a name out of a phone book. This makes people feel good about their choices, and they’ll have a better experience overall.

Sink or Swim

The legal industry has traditionally utilized many forms of marketing, including traditional media. While it’s still effective, more and more law firms are turning to Inbound Marketing methods. What about your practice? Are you using Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is essentially a digital form of word-of-mouth, using your website and social media as the medium for the message. The number of people conducting business and looking for services on the Internet is increasing every day.

Don’t wait until your competitors have sunk your name with their content; now is the time to get your firm on board. Now is the time to claim your digital real estate.

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