Lawyer Marketing: Why Google+ Is Important to Your Law Firm

Why Your Law Firm Should Have a Google+ Presence

– Your law firm probably has a Facebook page, a Twitter account and/or a LinkedIn account. But is this social media presence enough? No, it isn?t. You have forgotten one important social media site: Google+.

lawyer marketingLawyer Marketing with Google+

Many social media sites started off as purely personal or professional sites but had to bow to pressure to incorporate the two aspects. However, Google+ is different. Right from the start, the social network was built to integrate but differentiate personal and professional space.

B2C and B2B relations can be built through Google+. If your law firm is not yet using Google Plus for your lawyer marketing efforts, the following points should make you reconsider:

Google+ Statistics

Statistics on Google+ are out rightly startling. Check these:

  • It is estimated that more than 600,000 people join Google+ daily. ?(source: QuePublishing)
  • While the average Facebook user takes 17 minutes per session, a Google+ user spends about an hour each day on the site. ?(Source:)
  • Sites using the ?+1? button report an over 300% increase in web traffic. (Source:HubSpot)

Google+ for Lawyer Marketing

Google has the largest market share of search Customers. Moreover, most Internet users arrive at websites through search results. Therefore, the higher your website ranks for searches, the greater the traffic it will get.

Google+ pages are also indexed and appear in search results. You can improve your lawyer marketing efforts by being on Google+. An Inbound Marketing Agency can help you set up your Google+ page.

Circles for Lawyer Marketing

The Circles feature is a neat concept you can use to segment your audience. Google+ Circles gives you the power to share updates with relevant connections. For instance, you can have a Circle of existing Customers and another for Prospects. These two groups are looking for different information from your firm and by using Circles, you can better target your content to them.

#Hashtags for Lawyer Marketing

The concept of hashtags has taken root across all the major social media sites. Hashtags provide a simple way to highlight a particular topic. However, the difference between Google+ and the other social media sites is that its hashtags appear in search results. This gives the Google+ hashtags a wider scope of visibility.

You law firm can use this concept to attract Leads to its Google+ page straight from search results.

Hangouts for Lawyer Marketing

The Hangouts video feature puts Google+ ahead of other social media sites and makes the social network important in lawyer marketing. You can use the video conferencing-like feature in various ways, for example holding conference meetings of up to ten people. Employees can use hangouts to hold one-on-one chats with clients or witnesses.

Google+ hangouts can be used for more than in-house communication. The feature allows you to communicate with any persons that you are connected to on the social network.

For example, your team can use Hangouts to engage with Leads, other law firms and parties that have interests in your Customers or the cases you are handling. Through Google+ Hangouts, you can to showcase your ability, prowess, knowledge and expertise in the related case.

Improve Your Lawyer Marketing Efforts

More people and businesses are joining Google+ either for business or personal reasons. Given the high number of users joining the social network, you can connect with Prospects easily without having to spend a ton. You can improve your lawyer marketing efforts by leveraging on the features of Google+ plus to enhance your internet presence.

An Inbound Marketing Agency can help you establish a presence on the social network and optimize your profile to attract qualified Leads.

For more information on utilizing social media for your law firm:

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