Legal Marketing Services: The Importance of Great Content & Web Design

A Strong Law Firm Website is One of the Key Legal Marketing Services

Legal Marketing Services key– You undoubtedly know by now that a law firm website is an essential marketing tool, but you may not fully understand the role that website will play in generating new clients and increasing your bottom line.

Although your law firm?s Inbound Marketing plan should include a wide range of legal marketing services, your website is the hub of those efforts.

If you have any doubt about the impact those efforts will have as you build your client base and grow your law practice, consider the results of the 2012 Attorney Selection Research Study by The Research Intelligence Group.

That survey revealed that 76% of adult consumers looking for legal services used online resources.

The Reach of Online Legal Marketing Services


Law firm websites were sought out more than online directories

In raw numbers, the survey showed that about 58 million consumers had sought legal services during the preceding year.? Of those, 76%–about 44 million consumers?used the Internet at some point during their search and validation process.

Even more significant for the law firm determining which legal marketing services will have the most impact on revenues, 35% of those consumers specifically used law firm websites in their search. That means more than 20 million people in the United States used law firm websites to find legal services during the year preceding the survey.

In fact, law firm websites were used more often than online legal directories to find an attorney and more often than any other online source to validate and select a lawyer.

The Elements of a Powerful Law Firm Website

Content and website architecture must work together to make it easy and inviting for legal Prospects to take the next step.? Often, when a consumer visits your website looking for legal services, he or she is feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

This is particularly true if you practice in the areas of bankruptcy, personal injury, divorce, workers? compensation or another area that?s fraught with emotional turmoil. That means your content and website design must set the Prospect at ease by:

  • Making it easy to navigate around the site and find the information he or she is looking for;
  • Making that information easy to understand and responsive to the consumer?s likely questions and concerns;
  • Establish your expertise and ability to solve the Prospect?s problems; and
  • Establish your compassion and concern for the Prospect?s situation.

While these steps will help to engage and warm up the Prospect, effective legal marketing services will also ensure that your website is designed to convert. In addition to providing useful, easy-to-understand content and clear navigation for your Visitors, you must:

  • Create a sense of urgency with your content to encourage Visitors to act in the moment, while they?re on the site;
  • Provide clear invitations / instructions to Prospects about taking the next step;
  • Make those instructions stand out with color, placement and effective use of white space on your website;
  • Make sure your contact information is easy to locate?preferably on every page; and
  • Give your Visitors multiple ways to contact you, including a telephone number, an email address and a contact form.

Of course, building an effective law firm website requires more than we can cover in a single blog post.

To learn more, download our free e-book on building a better website:

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