Marketing Automation Software: A Complete Lists of Benefits

The Multiple Channels of the?Modern Marketing World

marketing automation software– In 2014, the average small business and?enterprise alike?have adapted their marketing strategies to integrate various online marketing techniques; from?Social Media, Email Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, and Lead Generation. As businesses integrate different channels and strategies they may find themselves looking for ways?to integrate these channels more efficiently.

This goal can be achieved by?first moving from separate strategies to integrated campaigns based on Inbound Marketing Techniques, while also integrating the goals of your marketing and sales team. From there, the campaigns can be launched, managed, analyzed and improved with Marketing Automation Software.

This smart software provides a business of any size multiple benefits – find the complete list here:

marketing automation softwareBetter Lead Conversion

Marketing Automation Software enables you to convert and increase the number of qualified leads.?? Companies have found lead conversion increase from 100-400% using an integrated strategy and software.? Leads passed to the sales team are already qualified to a ?sales-ready? status.

Larger Average Deal Size

Studies have shown a 40% larger average deal size as a result of using an integrated Marketing Automation Software.? The more information collected and monitored on a lead, the greater then insight into the services and products the customer needs.? As this intelligence increases, sales size follows.

Quicker Sales Cycle

Marketing Automation Software allows the sales and marketing teams to gain greater insight on prospective customers.? With greater sales intelligence, real-time notifications and updates on lead interaction, and detailed prospect monitoring, your sales representatives are more effective and can close deals quicker.? Some data show a 70% increase in speed of closing deals.

Decrease Marketing Costs

Marketing Automation Software allows you to optimize your marketing strategy by lowering your costs yet improve lead quality.? As cross-integrated automation software tracks and monitors the progress of a marketing campaign, this data enables you to learn which campaigns are most effective.? Data have shown a 50% increase in sales and 33% cost reductions.

Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Marketing Automation Software includes the ability to set up lead nurturing campaigns. These strategic campaigns can be set up to automatically?trigger?after a conversion is completed. These campaigns?act?as a silent sales person and help to nurture, qualify and convert leads for you.

In addition, you’ll lower your marketing costs by sending campaigns based on specific events, instead of blast marketing to a mixed group of potential leads.

Improve Quality of Website Traffic

Sales and marketing data have demonstrated a 225% increase in website traffic on prospects that convert to leads. Inbound Marketing helps to connect to the most qualified prospects that are already searching for your services, and Marketing Automation Software does the rest.

Integrate and Track Sales and Marketing Team Goals

Sales and marketing teams often operate on different wavelengths without strategic goals and campaigns that can be easily managed and analyzed. Marketing Automation Software offers an indispensable tool for both teams. Sales teams can be more effective and Marketing teams can run campaigns with smaller budgets while gaining more ROI measurement capabilities.

High-Level ROI Measurement and Reporting

Marketing Automation Software offers accurate real-time reporting that helps increase transparency and accountability for marketing campaigns launched on all platforms. Know what is working and what’s not, and be able to change campaigns with just a few clicks.

Marketing Automation Vendor Benefits

Utilizing Marketing Automation Software will grant your business these benefits. Find more additional benefits by partnering with a Vendor that can integrate the full platform?capabilities and make your campaigns run at the highest efficiency.

For a free HubSpot demo, an industry-leading marketing automation software, click below:

Marketing Matters Inbound?is an inbound marketing firm specializing in online conversions, content?strategy, call-to-action mapping and traditional media placement. Our experience in?B2B digital?marketing?and traditional media allows us to deliver results through a strategic media mix. We believe in?aligning and merging marketing and sales/operations for optimal return on your marketing investment.

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